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List Of Top Countries With Best Software Outsourcing Products

Today, I would like to wrap up the list of top countries with the best offshore software outsourcing services or products. As a new trend, software outsourcing is everywhere. Companies and professionals worldwide are concerning to low cost and speedy delivery. Companies from North America, and Europe and other developed countries are hiring the companies and professionals from South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe as a provider of all types of IT services from complex architecture, database designs and data entry.

It is quite tough to format a list of the best countries for outsourcing because it includes different factors to consider. You should get information first. Everything is changing day by day so how can you make a list?
We have created a list of top IT outsourcing countries while keeping in mind the following factors.
  • Resources and costs
  • Talent and skills
  • Economic environment and the business
These three major factors help to index the high ranking destinations. Here they are:

India– it is the leading place for software outsourcing services. It captures more than half business of software technology with almost 47$ export value. The major consumers are from America and Europe.
Indonesia is the exporter of IT services and software related products. People here work in every field, but they are more popular in call centre services.
Estonia-it had experienced great improvement in an economic environment when it became the part of Soviet Union in 1996. IT outsourcing market here is generating 130$ million approximately.
Singapore– it is the ideal destination for IT business if you remember the word of Suisse First Boston, IMB, Microsoft and Citibank. All these firms have selected this country as their offshore home.
China – it is the most famous destination for the production and manufacturing of electronic products for USA and Europe. China is generating a lot of revenue due to its growing IT market of outsourcing.
Macedonia – it is a small and beautiful region with great potential regarding IT outsourcing. Almost 500 firms of IT business are linked with this country. It is full of talented people, trained professionals and low-cost labour rate, low taxes and highly developed region in Europe.
Philippines-this country is ranked at first place in the business outsourcing process. Many firms choose Philippines for IT outsourcing services due to its hardworking talent, skills and strong English ability.
Thailand-IT outsourcing market is getting great attention here. This region has the talent to provide international IT services due to its talented players.
Lithuania –almost 75% IT firms are located here. It is all about their infrastructure and the best environment of doing business. It has almost 45 thousand and more IT professionals employed list.
Malaysia – it is the last country on the list of software outsourcing country. It has the talent and potential to be ranked in first three top countries near future. It attracts companies due to its value orientated and cost effective services. It is the real competitor business process outsourcing, IT consulting and system integration field.


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