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Hillary Clinton Suffers Severe Coughing at a Presidential Rally in Ohio [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton laughed off a stubborn cough at a presidential election rally, telling her supporters: “Every time I think about Trump I get allergic”.

The Democrat took to the stage in Cleveland, Ohio coughing uncontrollably, with people in the crowd shouting “get her some water”. She fought through and delivered her speech with great difficulty.
It follows claims by some opponents that she has serious health problems that could affect her ability to serve as president.
No claims have been substantiated and she said: “I’m not concerned about the conspiracy theories. There are so many I’ve lost track. One thing you know from my doctor’s letter is I have seasonal allergies.”
The ex-secretary of state spoke to reporters on her new campaign plane, a Boeing 737 with a H on its tail and “Stronger Together” on its side.
It is big enough to carry the reporters covering her election bid and follows criticism that she has been isolating herself from the press by flying with only her aides — damaging her image and campaign and handing the initiative to Donald Trump, who has been she was isolated from the The rivals were today in key battlegrounds in the South, with Mr Trump set to campaign in Virginia and North Carolina – two critical states in his path to the presidency.
Mrs Clinton will be campaigning in Florida in search of an advantage in the nation’s largest swing state.
A Clinton victory in Florida would make it virtually impossible for Trump to overcome her advantage in the race for 270 electoral votes.


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