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Nigerian Man and His Oyinbo Bride Wed in the Simplest Ceremony Abroad (Photos)

This is a typical low budget wedding ceremony abroad which took place recently without undue financial stress on the groom unlike the local setting in Nigeria where people incur huge debts to make a statement during their marriage ceremony.
 Nigerian Man and His Oyinbo Bride Wed in the Simplest Ceremony Abroad (Photos)
The Nigerian man, pastor and his bride-to-be
A Nigerian man from Akwa Ibom state has been hailed online after getting married to his white fiancee in a low-budget wedding ceremony abroad.
The man tied the knot to his partner in a simple wedding with family and few friends present. This has been recommended for Nigerians who go through the rigours of court wedding, traditional wedding in the village as well as the church wedding before it all ends expensively at the reception where people drink and eat to stupor at the expense of the organisers.
The problem of bride-price has also been an issue in the South-east and South-south part of Nigeria where the man might be compelled to part with an amount running into millions as contained in a 'list' presented by the wife's family.
In a period of economic recession and inflation, this could be an idle wedding ceremony to be adopted in Nigeria as what makes the union is not the ceremony but how the couple live after.
A concerned social media user who also alluded to the issue of economical approach to wedding ceremonies has this to say:
"Typical Uyo babe no go gree this kind o. She will probably want to give her friends a lasting memory while the guy will run into debts just to satisfy her and then they go home and starve. After all the show, everyone will retire to their homes and leave both of you alone forgetting all that happened there!!

God help us and flush out this demonic philosophy of unnecessary expenditure. How beautiful and glamorous a wedding is doesn't guarantee the success of the home. Guys and ladies plus parents of children beware!"
See more photos of the man below:


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