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Son Kills Mother Over Potatoes

A man has reportedly committed murder after he had a brawl with his mother involving a food item.
 Son Kills Mother Over Potatoes
Mark Jennens
A man killed his elderly mother after they had a row over potatoes, Daily Mail UK, reports.
Mark Jennens, 40, appeared at Wolverhampton Crown Court earlier this week accused of the manslaughter of his mother Hazel, 78.
The court heard he tried to throw her out of a house they shared after she criticised his efforts at making dinner.
It is alleged that Jennens frog-marched his mother, who had osteoporosis and lung cancer, to the door, fracturing her hip. She later died from bronchopneumonia in hospital.
According to a transcript read out during his court trial, the man told operators: “After being told I’m stupid for trying to sort dinner out, I just lost it and went to chuck her out of the door.”
After undergoing surgery and making a recovery, Hazel fell unwell and died two days later at the hospital.
Jennens had been the one taking care of his mother for 10 years and was taking antidepressants at the time of her death.


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