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Brides show off their "cheap" engagement rings on social media


 Brides show off their "cheap" engagement rings on social media after one woman complained about the 'cheap' £1,300 ring her man proposed to her with
Women from around the world have taken to social media to proudly show off their "cheap" engagement rings after one woman revealed she felt "disappointed" with the £1,300 jewelry her fiancé proposed to her with.
The anonymous woman shared her story on Mumsnet, revealing she disliked the color of the gold band and the setting. She also said she couldn't understand why her normally generous partner, who earns close to a six figure salary, didn't spend more on such an important piece of jewelry.
In a twist of events, the woman, who was obviously expecting support from fellow women, got bashed by other posters who branded her "greedy" and said that she clearly cares more about showing off her bling than she does about the man she's marrying.
Other social media users agreed that the woman was wrong and ladies hit back at the discontented woman by going on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share photos of their budget rings, some costing as little as £12.99.
One man shared a photo of his fiance proudly showing off a £12.99 ring he bought at a budget retailer, Argos. Women from the UK, Australia, and other continents submitted photos of their rings and said it was the "thought that counts" and they don't need an expensive piece of jewelry to celebrate their love.
One woman even shared a photo of her ring finger with a tattoo on it and said she and her groom decided to shun a traditional sparkler for a tattoo, writing: "$100 (£60) and less traditional but it suits me/us perfectly."
Another bride with a pink ring shared hers and wrote: "$69 (£42) no f***s given hubby, kids and I picked it out together so it means more to me then any $2000 ring ever would have."
"This is my ring. I've been engaged just over two weeks and i would not trade it for the world," said another bride-to-be who loved her ring.
"This is my set that cost 20 bucks off of amazon (£12). 20!! Yes, we could have afforded more but it aint about the size or price of the ring," another bride said alongside a picture of her rings.
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