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The True Version Of Onitsha Oguta Road Shooting And Death


Death Of A Policeman And An Okada Rider
IGP Idris
The True Version Of Onitsha Oguta Road Shooting And Death Of A Policeman And An Okada Rider

The shooting leading to instant death of a policeman and an Okada civilian along Oguta Road and its adjoining Tasia Road in Onitsha today has nothing to do with inside church killing or killing of worshipers attending church service in the Assemblies of God Church; as was the case last Sunday (6th August 2017) in Ozubulu Community, Ekwusigo LGA of Anambra State.
Rather, the today’s Sunday shooting and killing were carried out by a three-man gang operating on a high speed motorcycle. The gang had accosted and opened fire on an armed policeman stationed in front of the gate of the Assemblies of God Church located on Oguta Road; killing him instantly after snatching his rifle. The three-man gang on a motorbike on getting to the nearby Tasia Road in their bid to escape, sighted a civilian Okada rider obstructing their escape route and shot him dead instantly  before escaping.
This finding is built on several phone calls made and strong confirmation of same by Comrade Aloysius Attah following his crime scene visit and comprehensive investigation he carried out today. Comrade Attah doubles as the Chairman of the CLO, Southeast Zone and Senior Correspondent of the Daily Sun Newspaper (+2348035090548) in Anambra State.

Shooting, killing and snatching of duty rifles of policemen at checkpoints particularly in Onitsha and environs have intensified in recent months or since past three months. The attacks are carried out by usually two-man gang operating with motorbikes or Okada.
According to an investigation carried out by Comrade Aloysius Attah, revisited by Intersociety, about six policemen and a civilian have lost their lives to this latest attack on policemen at checkpoints especially in Onitsha and environs in recent months.
For instance, between late May and this August 2017, such attacks have taken place at Ugwu Nwanosike in Ogidi resulting to the death of a policemen with his rifle lost; Nkpor-Umuoji Road (same), Nkpor Down Flyover (same), Onitsha Upper Iweka Old TRACAS (two policemen killed and rifles lost) and Oguta Road by Assemblies of God Church Gate (one policeman died and rifle lost). A civilian Okada rider also lost his life.
As a result, all checkpoints mounted by security agencies particularly in Onitsha and environs including those mounted by soldiers, naval and police personnel have introduced hand-on-held and off ignitionpassage of their checkpoints by all motorcycle operators or private and commercial motorcyclists; whereby they are commanded to off their motorbikes’ ignition keys long meters before the checkpoints and same distances after the passage before they can switch on their ignition keys again.
Our purpose of issuing this statement is in response to phone calls and other electronic messages and enquiries that have bombarded us in torrents. It is also to set the records straight so as to checkmate the habitual distortion of facts by the security agencies. The killing of policemen on duty under whatever guise or sentiments as well as all forms of resort to jungle justice are totally condemned and must be seriously checkmated using laid down processes and rule of law.
Signed: Emeka Umeagbalasi, Board Chairman.


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