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Thousands of Protesters hold rally against Catalonia independence

Following a referendum organized by Catalan leaders last week, that aimed at declaring Catalan independence from Spain, a referendum the Spanish government called 'illegal', thousands of Spanish citizens stormed the streets of Barcelona on Sunday for a pro-unification rally organized by Spanish political groups, saying they didn't want Catalonia to leave Spain.

The leaders of the secessionist movement  claimed that 90% of voters were in favor of seceding from Spain but the Spanish government claim those numbers are unlikely to be representative of true public opinion, as supporters of remaining in Spain may have stayed at home believing the voting was illegal.

On Sunday, Protesters held banners that read "Catalonia is Spain", following days of protest by Catalan groups calling on the European Union to intervene, saying they wanted separation from the Spanish government.
With thousands protesting for separation and thousands now also protesting for unification, the whole world now sees Spain in a truly divisive light now.
It should be remembered that hundreds of Catalan natives were injured last Sunday after police fired rubber bullets at voters and used force to try to stop the controversial voting process.


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