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Missing Nigeria - Cardi B gets nostalgic after travelling back to USA

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Missing Nigeria - Cardi B gets nostalgic after travelling back to US
Cardi B has shared series of posts via her Instastory after arriving the United States and she revealed that she is missing Nigeria.

The American rapper who had quite a big moment in Nigeria and Ghana after being hosted in the West African countries over the weekend, shared a photo of her adorned in colours of the Nigerian flag with the caption "Missing Nigeria".

See Cardi's post below;

Missing Nigeria - Cardi B gets nostalgic after travelling back to US

12 Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone You Love

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Christmas gift ideas
As Christmas season approaches, this is the best time of year to put a smile on faces of your loved ones, with a cool present.  It is time to start thinking about a meaningful gift, so you are not forced to make a last-minute decision on a gift.
Although finding the right Christmas gift, for your spouse,  father, mother or siblings might seem harder than imagined,  we have rounded up several unique but affordable gift items for the special people in your life.
While some are available at the  WBA Xmas Fair holding today in Lekki, others are online.
1. A healthy carrot cake

A healthy carrot cake made with Rolled oats, nuts and unsalted butter, from   ORGANIC BISTRO, is ideal for all the family.
2.  Nail polish in a range of fun colours

With 32 fun colours to choose from, she will love the collection and adore you.
3. A simple necklace that reminds of your intentions

A sweet necklace with an even sweeter mission. Choose from a selection of love or definite plans like “optimism,” “strength,” or “gratitude,” which they can carry with them throughout the day.
4. Classy carrying case to  stash your  charger

After they fill the three pockets with cables and chargers, all they have to do is roll everything up, and they are good to go. The soft, supple leather comes in a variety of fun colours and patterns.
5. One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

Help her get silky-smooth blowouts in one foolproof step. This genius oval-shaped hair tool combines a round brush and paddle brush, with fast-drying power.
6. Merry little Miracle Set

For skin so supple and fresh, a special gift for the woman in your life.
7. Ready to roll brush set

Every beauty lovers need a good brush set, and this one covers all your needs. You get ten essential brushes stored in a faux leather brush roll for easy travel.
8. Premium Batik

Premium Batik wrap skirt, Hand-painted for that extra factor that we offer. Fit women with different body types, by Proverbs Creation.
9. A range of Bella Beauty cosmetics

A gift of Bella Beauty range of cosmetics is ideal for the beauty-conscious woman in your life.
10. Beautiful Ankara print for her

Whether you are buying for your mother or wife, this lovely piece from @buyyourankara will make heads turn.
11. Human Hair

A natural hair gift pack from Laviva hair for a hair lover.
12. An exquisite handbag

A hand-beaded glass bag by Didi Creations Lekki is the best gift of the season, for the most stylish and glamorous woman in your life.

New marriage certificate fees imposed by FG is targeted against churches -PFN

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New marriage certificate fees imposed by FG is targeted against churches - Pentecostal  Fellowship of Nigeria
The Pentecostal  Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has alleged that churches are being targeted by the Federal Government following the new marriage certificate law introduced by the Ministry of Interior.

PFN's National President of the fellowship, Rev.(Dr.) Felix Omobude who lashed out at the Ministry of Interior over the imposition of a compulsory N30,000 charge licence for Christian worship centres for the conduct of statutory marriages in churches and N21,000 for each marriage certificate, alleged that it is an attempt to commercialize Christian marriages in the country.

Omobude called on the Federal Government to shelve the unpopular policy which he said is exploitative and targeted against Christian marriages in the country.  He added that they will use every legal means to stop the new marriage certificate law.

He said;

“This is very unfair and to the best of our understanding, the new law is targeted against the Church because the Traditional and Islamic weddings are exempted from paying the new marriage certificate fees.
“PFN is at a loss as to why Church Marriages should be in the exclusive list of the nation’s constitution.   The PFN, therefore calls on the Federal Government to immediately shelve the unpopular policy targeted against Christian marriages in the country.
“If the Ministry of Interior is in dire need of funds, it should look elsewhere and resist the temptation of placing extra financial burden on the Christians and their churches.”

Why We Attacked Maersk Nigeria Limited MD And Killed Wife - Suspects

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Gildas Tohouo Tohouo, MD Maersk Shipping Line Nigeria, his wife and children
Two suspects, who attacked the Managing Director of Maersk Nigeria Limited, Gildas Tahouo Tahouo and killed his wife, Benedicta, have given reasons for robbing their boss leading to the death of his wife.
A report by PM Express revealed that the incident happened at Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi area of Lagos, where the victims reside with their family.
The suspects, Olamide Goke and Ade Akanbi, have been arrested and detained at the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, SCIID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos where they were being interrogated.
The suspects have confessed and revealed that they decided to rob the family because they had begged them for money in the past but they refused.
Hence, they conspired and attacked the couple which eventually led to the death of the wife.
Gilders was stabbed along with his wife but the wife was unlucky as she died from the injuries while Mr. Gilders, a Cameroonian, who operates an international shipping company alongside his Hungarian wife, Benedicta was badly injured and rushed to an undisclosed hospital where he is being treated.
The main suspect, Goke, an electrician at Lugard Avenue, Ikoyi, where Gilders resides, had tricked the couple to gain access into their premises before they struck.
But they met their waterloo when the Lagos Police Boss, Hakeem Odumosu, led a team of officers to the scene of the robbery and arrested two suspects.
The suspects will be charged to Court after the conclusion of investigations, for murder which attracts life imprisonment if they are tried and found guilty before the Court for the alleged offence.

Former IBM engineer George Laurer dies at 94

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Former IBM engineer George Laurer, who invented the supermarket bar code, dies at 94
George J. Laurer has died at the age of 94.

Laurer was a former IBM engineer. His invention of the Universal Product Code at IBM transformed retail and other industries around the world.

Former IBM engineer George Laurer, who invented the supermarket bar code, dies at 94

A funeral was held on Monday for Laurer, who died Thursday, December 5, at his home in Wendell, North Carolina.

Laurer was an electrical engineer with IBM in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park in the early 1970s when he spearheaded the development of the UPC, or bar code.

The now-ubiquitous marking, composed of unique black bars and a 12-digit number, allowed retailers to identify products and their prices as they are scanned, usually at checkout.

Former IBM engineer George Laurer, who invented the supermarket bar code, dies at 94

Laurer said in a 2010 interview that grocery stores in the 1970s were dealing with soaring costs and the labor-intensive requirements of putting price tags on all of their products. The bar code led to fewer pricing errors and allowed retailers to keep better account of their inventory.

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13

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First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
First photos of the victims of the New Zealand volcano have been revealed.

Police this morning confirmed that a sixth person has died while being treated in hospital. The bodies of five victims were removed from the island by survivors following the eruption but there are eight people missing and they are feared dead.

In a statement this morning, police said: "Police can confirm a further person has died following the eruption on White Island, bringing the official toll to six. The person was earlier being treated at Middlemore Hospital.

"Police remain focused on supporting families at this terrible time."

In addition to the dead and missing, 31 survivors were admitted to hospital and three others were released, officials said. Some of the victims were reported severely burned.

The conditions on the volcano are hindering a search operation for those still missing. It is now believed that there were 47 people on the island at the time and some of those evacuated suffered critical burns after being blasted with ash and scalded with steam.

Helicopter crews landed on White Island despite the danger and helped rescue dozens of survivors, authorities said.

The list of people who are missing and people who have been confirmed alive has been released by the Red Cross.

Julie Richards, 47, and daughter Jessica, 20, from Brisbane were on the cruise. Julie’s sister Barbara Whitehead said she is "overwhelmed" and has heard nothing.

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
Julie and Jessica RIchards

Family of four, Anthony, 51, Kristine, Jesse, 19, and Winona Langford, 17, have not been heard from.

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
Anthony and Kristine Langford

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
Jesse and Winona Langford

Tour guide Tipene Maangi, 23, has not been heard from since yesterday morning and his grandmother was waiting for news. She said that he loved showing tourists around the active volcano.

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
Tipene Maangi

Fellow tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman was the first confirmed victim of the disaster.

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
Hayden Marshall-Inman

Karla Mathews, 32, and Richard Elzer, 32, are both listed as missing. Their friend Jason Griffiths, 33, is in a critical condition in hospital.

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
Karla Mathews and Richard Elzer

Gavin Dallow, 53, and wife Lisa Hosking, 48, were on the island with their daughter Zoe Hosking, 15, when it erupted.

Hours after the disaster, the site was still considered too dangerous for rescuers to search for the missing, but aircraft flew over the island and "no signs of life have been seen at any point", prime minister Jacinda Ardern said.

First photos of victims of New Zealand volcano as death toll is set to reach 13
Matt and Lauren Urey are thought to have been on the island when the volcano erupted

The eruption took place about 2pm on Monday local time and consisted of two explosions in quick succession, Ms Ardern said.

The disaster raised questions of why people were allowed to visit the island 30 miles off mainland New Zealand after scientists had noted an increase in volcanic activity in recent weeks.

Two impeachment articles expected against Trump: reports

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Two impeachment articles expected against Trump: reportsDemocrats are expected to announce on Tuesday two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, US media reported, after laying out their case at a hearing against a president they branded a “clear and present danger” to national security.
The articles will focus on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, The Washington Post reported Monday, citing three officials familiar with the matter.
It added that the full House of Representatives will vote on the articles next week, ahead of a trial in the Senate.
CNN said a third article on obstruction of justice was still being debated, and the network’s sources cautioned that plans were still being finalized.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Monday night that high-ranking Democrats, including Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler and Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, would hold a press conference the next day to “announce the next steps” in the impeachment process.
Four months after a whistleblower sparked the investigation of Trump for seeking illicit political favours from Ukraine, Democrats said at Monday’s hearing there was abundant evidence he had committed bribery, abused his power and obstructed the investigation.
“President Trump’s persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to our free and fair elections and to our national security,” said Daniel Goldman, counsel for the Democrats.
Facing an almost certain vote to make Trump the third American leader impeached and placed on trial, top Republican Doug Collins countered that the effort was simply “a good PR move” for Democrats ahead of next year’s presidential elections.
“It’s all political,” Collins said. “Where’s the impeachable offence? Why are we here?”
The allegations came in a contentious House Judiciary Committee hearing in which Republicans repeatedly punched back, while Trump himself denounced the inquiry as a “disgrace” and a “hoax.”
Fueling the partisan divisions in Washington, the Republicans marshalled a Department of Justice report released Monday as ammunition for a counteroffensive.
The DoJ’s inspector general said its review of investigations into four Trump aides did not find evidence of “political bias” in the decisions to open the probes.
The report effectively rebutted Trump’s repeated claims that the FBI illegally spied on his campaign — but Republicans seized on its findings that the bureau committed “numerous serious factual errors” related to the investigations.
Tempers erupt
Tempers flared as Republicans tried to derail the hearing with procedural moves.
A lone protester was ejected after shouting in the president’s defence — the first time such an outburst has occurred over the last month of public impeachment hearings.
“We voted for Donald Trump (and) Americans are sick of your impeachment scam,” he shouted as he was removed by police. “Trump is innocent!”
The president is accused of abusing his powers by pressuring Ukraine to announce an investigation into former vice president Joe Biden, his potential challenger in the 2020 election.
Trump also pressed Kiev to investigate a widely-dismissed allegation that the Ukraine government helped the Democrats in the 2016 election.
Barry Berke, an attorney for the Democrats, said there was “significant proof” of wrongdoing as he laid out the evidence collected by the House Intelligence Committee in a 10-week investigation.
“In the scheme to pressure Ukraine… the person at the center of that scheme was President Donald Trump,” he told the hearing.
Berke played videos of testimony by top US diplomats involved with Ukraine supporting the charges and footage of Trump claiming he has “the right to do whatever I want as president.”
Witnesses produced documents “that provide uncontroverted, clear and overwhelming evidence that President Trump did this scheme,” Berke said.
Republican attorney Stephen Castor, tasked with disputing the evidence, said Democrats were simply attacking Trump for policies they do not agree with.
“Democrats are obsessed with impeaching the president,” he said, calling evidence from the transcript of a July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky “baloney.”
In that call, Trump told Zelensky he wanted “favour,” including an investigation of Biden and the 2016 conspiracy theory.
While Democrats have cried foul over the Biden attacks, Republicans said it was a conflict of interest at best that Biden’s son Hunter served on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm while his father was US vice president.
“On this record, there is a legitimate basis for President Trump to have a concern about Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board,” Castor said.
Castor also argued that Democrats needed to take more time to accumulate evidence and build their case.
Democrats rejected that argument, noting Trump has blocked his top advisors from testifying and refused to hand over White House records.
“There is a constitutional remedy for a president who undermines our national security and our elections, who puts his own interest before those of the country — that remedy is impeachment,” said Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler.
Democrats appear determined to push through to a full House vote on formal articles of impeachment before year-end.
That could see Trump stand trial in the Senate in January.
Given the solid Republican majority in the Senate and a two-thirds threshold for conviction, it is almost certain he will be acquitted.

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