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Boko Haram: Reasons Army Hasn't Completely Wiped Them out Revealed

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Boko Haram, soldiers
Fresh revelations have emerged on why the Nigerian Army is yet to clear the remnant of Boko Haram terrorists from the Northeastern part of the country.
A report by the Centre For Social Justice, Equity And Transparency, CESJET, said fake news, foreign actors were major distractions to the Army in clearing remnants of Boko Haram elements operating in the northeast.
In a statement signed by its Executive Secretary, Isaac Ikpa, CESJET tasked the media, citizens and all stakeholders to be patriotic in identifying and exposing fake news targeted at derailing the war against Nigeria’s enemies.
The report reads: “The menace of fake news in Nigeria is a time bomb waiting to explode. This is on the heels that misinformation and hate speech have threatened the peace, unity, security and the corporate existence of Nigeria.

“The relevant authorities in Nigeria have strived to educate the populace on the demerits of fake news and how its continued patronage has aided the spread of terrorism in the country.

“The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency, in carrying out one of its core mandate consequently commissioned a special report to look at the menace of Fake News in Nigeria in an attempt to bring to the fore the various factors responsible for the spread of Fake news in Nigeria, as well as measures the relevant authorities needs to put in place to curtail the spread of fake news in the country.

“The Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency x-rayed the origin of fake news in Nigeria and took a systematic approach in highlighting the impact on the Nigerian polity. It also looked at the various mediums through which fake news is propagated. The focus of the report was 2015 to 2019 to cover the years that fake news gained prominence in Nigeria. The choice of 2015-2019 was also informed by the numerous efforts of the relevant agencies in Nigeria towards arresting the menace of fake news in the polity.

“Terrorism is now a major feature of the international political system in the 21st century. Terrorism in the 21st century has gone beyond its traditional conception both in the motivations, objectives, tactics, techniques and territorial aspiration of its actors. Traditional terrorism uses kidnappings, suicide bombings (human and vehicle borne), hostage-taking, improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and armed assaults to achieve mostly political objectives. Terrorism in its present incarnation has expanded from the physical (geographical regions) into the virtual (cyberspace) and its techniques now include the use of technology-driven devices such as unmanned aerial vehicles, Twitter, Blogs Youtube and Facebook. Terrorists’ objectives have gone beyond such abstract concepts as instilling fear, creating awareness for a particular cause and forcing governments to change specific policies, to tangible and disruptive aims like the creation of viable political, administrative, religious and territorial units.

“Terrorism has been around since the beginning of recorded history. What have changed are the dissident groups’ capability of inflicting harm on an ever-larger number of people, their ability to organize through the Internet, and, thanks to the media, a heightened concern, bordering on paranoia, among the populace about their own security. Domestically, nations, are deeply concerned about the radicalization of the youth along the entire ideological spectrum. Increased migration from the war-torn areas and failed states is not only putting strains on the nations’ resources but is also fomenting xenophobic reactions among native populations.

“There are also fears of terrorist cells among immigrant minorities, isolated in their enclaves. To this volatile mix, we must add the internecine warfare with deep historical roots in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Thus, fake news is an enhancer of terrorism and terrorist activities around the world.

“Fake news and its Terrorism Influences: Media and terror are inextricably linked. The media is expected to report and analyse terror as a matter of international priority. Yet striking the right balance between informing the public without unnecessarily stoking fear or giving disproportionate publicity and attention to a terrorist organisation is a complex task. To make matters even more complicated, since the emergence of new media, social media in particular, ‘traditional’ media has had to adapt to and compete in an accelerated news cycle of reporting, commentary and analysis.

“Digital platforms such as Blogs, Twitter and Facebook have changed the flow of information in a way that enables unverified user-generated content (UGC) to appear alongside media outlets’ fact-checked content. Unlike traditional media, UGC isn’t subject to strict editorial, ethical or practical guidelines and the speed and scale at which this information is created and disseminated is hard to contain. This presents challenges to news reporting on terror, such as the spread of misinformation and ‘fake news’.

“There has been an increasing focus on violent activities in social media and what would traditionally be categorized as criminality has increasingly branded as ‘terrorism’ as event unfolds and before all of the facts can be ascertained and a judgment made upon factual evidence. The use of social media and other media sources contributes in part to the premature categorisation of these events and creating unnecessary hype.

“The use of language, labeling coupled with unsubstantiated or grossly inaccurate facts before an event has been analyzed, can result in misinformation and heighten the public fear unnecessarily.

“The difficulty is thus separating the fake news about terrorism, the over-exaggerations and untruths from what unfolds. In doing so this creates confusion, fear and unnecessarily intensifies events at a time when the focus should be primarily on dealing with an incident and helping the victims, whether injured or deceased and those directly affected by the event. A further problem arises which is event fatigue: individuals becoming desensitised to images of pain and suffering and the acceptance of a new norm.

“The question then becomes what can we do to ensure the accurate flow of information and the correct categorisation of events. The other interesting question is that terrorist groups or cells manipulate criminals and mentally ill persons to carry out criminal attacks to ensure that they take credit for these events.

“Communicating accurate information and minimising the spread of rumours and conspiracy theories is vital to supporting the public during a time of crisis. News media outlets and social media platforms should play complementary roles in this process: news media must try to ensure that correct information is disseminated, and social media platforms should be more vigilant in preventing bots and propagandists from flooding online platforms with misinformation. The role of independent, nuanced and responsible journalism has never been more important—and yet there’s a growing distrust of mainstream media’s reporting on terror. This stems from Trumpian rhetoric and accusations of fake news, as well as from public perceptions of media bias when reporting on attacks.

It is important for our security experts to remain vigilant. The reduction of misinformation and the accurate use of terrorist terminology relating to events, foiled plots and threats will not detract from the overall objective of public protection but rather will strengthen and focus this goal. Clear information and a common focus on ensuring accurate information is disseminated can be complemented by the accurate and honest acknowledgment of the real threat and the due recognition of the excellent job which the security industry has done to date to abate attacks and minimise the potential for any future events.”  

We’ll release Sowore to appropriate persons – DSS

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We?ll release Sowore to appropriate persons ? DSS
As publisher and convener of the planned #RevolutionNow protest continues to remain in detention, the Department of State Security DSS, says it will only be releasing Sowore to appropriate persons.

DSS made this known in a statement released by its Public Relations Officer PRO, Dr Peter Afunanya. The security agency says appropriate persons were yet to turn up to take his delivery adding that he would be released once the processes were concluded

“While all those that have so far shown up are not directly concerned with the matter and therefore unqualified; many others have either chosen to grandstand or politicise it to achieve hidden interests. The service reassures the public that it will not waste a second to release Sowore if the proper processes are followed,” he said
 The DSS accused Sowore's lawyer, Femi Falana, of playing to the gallery by making claims in the media that the DSS has refused to release Sowore despite meeting his bail conditions.

“It is even more disappointing that Mr Femi Falana, who is a senior lawyer, would wrongly guide his client and supporters. He is rather playing to the gallery and mobilizing miscreants to subvert the Service and other state authorities. He has excellent relationship with the DSS. But in the circumstance, he has refused to reach out to him over the case like he had on previously related ones. For the avoidance of doubt, the Service restates its commitment to the rule of law and particularly respect to the court,” he said.
 He also denied claims that its officers openned fire on Deji Adeyanju and other Nigerians who staged a protest in front of its office on Tuesday November 12th to demand Sowore's release. Afunanya said its operatives stood in defence of their facility when some group of persons made unruly attempts to forcefully break into DSS to effect the release of Sowore.

Billionaire Businessman Arrested for Growing Weed On His Private Island

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Guy Laliberte arrested
Co-founder of global circus company – Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberte, has been detained on charges of growing cannabis on his private island in the South Pacific, TheGuardian reports.

Laliberte’s company, Lune Rouge, confirmed in a statement Wednesday that he is being investigated “for alleged complicity in cultivation, possession, and use of cannabis.”

The company described Laliberte as a “medical cannabis user” who grows the plant “for his personal use only” at his estate on the remote, tiny atoll of Nuketepipi in the South Pacific Ocean, which forms part of the Tuamotu archipelago in French Polynesia.

The Center of Specialized Consultations in Alcoholics and Drug Addiction, a specialized addiction service in French Polynesia that’s under the supervision of the health ministry, says on its website that growing cannabis, “even for personal consumption,” is illegal.

The entrepreneur appeared in court in Papeete on Wednesday and left the courthouse that afternoon “without any conditions,” according to Lune Rouge. He has not been charged with drug trafficking.

“Mr. Guy Laliberte categorically denies and dissociates himself completely from any rumors implicating him in the sale or the traffic of controlled substances,” his company said in a statement.

In a statement released through his company later Wednesday night, Laliberte said he “will continue to cooperate with the judicial authorities of French Polynesia.”
He added that the police officers have treated him “in a professional and respectful manner which is a bright spot in this misadventure.”

“The disproportionate importance given to this matter, which is generally trivialized for someone in possession of several plants of cannabis for strictly personal use, greatly surprises me,”
Laliberte said.

Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike

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Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience, today November 14th, paid a courtesy visit to Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike, at the state government house in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital. See more photos below..

Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)
Goodluck Jonathan and wife, Patience, visit Rivers governor, Nyesom Wike (photos)

Dwarf Corper Leads Parade at NYSC Camp

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This is a sensational video of a male dwarf leading other corps members on the parade ground.
The young man with a potbelly led by example during the marching exercise. Onlookers were so fascinated by his brief performance recorded him on their mobile phones and clapped for him.
Some others could be head giggling at the background. The video has gone viral on social media with many laughing and rolling on the floor.
Watch the hilarious video below;

‘FG may ban total importation of steel’

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‘FG may ban total importation of steel’Federal government on Thursday said it is tinkering with a total ban on steel importation to encourage local steel manufacturers in Nigeria.
It reiterated its commitment to encourage local investors in mine and steel sector, especially with potential to provide more job opportunities for Nigerian youth.
Minister for Mines and Steel, Olamilekan Adegbite said during an official visit to a local steel manufacturing industry in Ilorin, Kwara state, Kamwire Industry Limited hat government was determined to stop importation of substandard steel products into Nigeria.
He added that “first, we are working with Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) to address the issue. The ministry is not in control of the quality of steel products that come into the country, though we’re responsible for steel productions. We’ll work with the standard agency to control what comes in. The ultimate aim is to ban steel importation totally. But before we do that, we will ensure we’re able to satisfy local consumption from local production and still have excess to export. That’s where we’re heading.

“We welcome local industrialization and local entrepreneurs. We want to encourage them. I can see depth of backward integration here, from raw material to finished product. This is an example of what Nigeria should do. If you do this you can imagine this complex providing over 4,000 employment opportunities. If we have replication of this all over the country, it will reduce rate of restiveness and banditry we have in the country”.
Architect Adegbite expressed the determination of the Federal Government to effectively harness the Mining sector and commended KAMWIRE industry for the steps taken so far to develop the sector.
The minister said that local investors are better than foreign investors, adding that they would engage the local people and at the end of the day would not take their profit out of the state.

Video Show Fire razes Tejuosho market in Lagos

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Fire razes Tejuosho market in Lagos (video)
A fire outbreak occurred today November 14, at Tejuosho market in Yaba area of Lagos.

Though what led to the fire and loss recorded is still unclear at the time of filing this report, it was however gathered that only a section of the popular Lagos market is on fire.

Here is a video from the scene of the incident;

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