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10 Highlights From Vice Presidential Candidates At The #2019Debate

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Peter Obi, Osinbajo & Others: 10 Punchlines From Vice Presidential Candidates At The #2019Debate 
The Vice Presidential debate put together by Nigeria Elections Debate Group (NEDG) and the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria (BON) was held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja on Friday night.
An independently administered multi-stage process led to the selection of five political parties that partook in Friday’s Vice Presidential debate.
Present at the debate were; Ganiyu Galadima of the ACPN, Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya of the ANN, Professor Yemi Osinbajo of the APC, Mr Peter Obi of the PDP and Umma Getso of the YPP.
The debate was an interesting one with the Vice-Presidential candidates stating categorical their plans for Nigeria and answering critical questions about the growth of the nation and its future.
Below are some of the punchlines by the candidates during the debate...
1. #2019Debate: As Long As We Don’t Create Jobs, There Will Be Crisis – Peter Obi
2. #2019Debate: Subsidy In Nigeria Is Fraught With Corruption – Khadijah Abdullahi-Iya
3. #2019Debate: Moghalu Will Restructure Nigeria Constitutionally, Says YPP’s Getso
4. #2019Debate: We Have Recorded Very Little Or No Improvement Since 2015, Says ACPN’s Galadima
5. Umma Getso said there is no party except YPP in Nigeria that has given priority to women. She says Kingsley Moghalu’s administration will give equal opportunities to men and women to serve in his government at all levels.
6. PDP Vice Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, said Nigeria has become the country with the highest number of poor people in the world.
7. You can't close down your shop and be chasing criminals ~ Peter Obi
8. If your shop is Empty you can't sell Market ~ Yemi Osinbajo
9. Peter Obi says the Atiku/Obi Presidency is about making Nigeria work again. He adds that their administration will care for Nigerians, especially the youths to discourage them from embarking on perilous journey in search of greener pastures.
10. For Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria is where it is today because of 16 years of misrule. He, however, says the present administration has taken steps to “repair the damages that have been done” by tackling the leakages in government.

Charly Boy And Wife To Have Low-key Catholic Wedding After 39 Years Together

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Charly Boy And Wife To Have Low-key Catholic Wedding After 39 Years Together
Charly Boy and wife, Lady Diane

Maverick Nigerian entertainer and activist, Mr Charles Oputa, better known as, Charly Boy or Area Fada will walk his long time consort, Lady Diane down the aisle in Abuja for formal exchange of marital vows.

The wedding will take place at the chapel of the Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer, Catholic Church, in Gwarimpa Estate, where he resides.

The ceremony which holds today, Saturday December 15, will be officiated by the outspoken Catholic clergy, Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah.

The wedding will have in attendance family members and close associates of the couple.

According to him, he hopes to convince his wife to ride with him in a tricycle to and from the church to underscore the low-key nature of the ceremony.

Mr Oputa was first married to Stella at a Catholic Church in Onitsha in 1974. The relationship produced one child.

The Catholic Church observes a strict marital doctrine which demands that couples who contracted a marriage on the church must petition the Catholic Pontiff for an annulment if they wish to opt out of the union.

According to Oputa, “We have been following through with the process of annulment for sometime. My former wife who has since remarried cooperated very well.

“She had no objection. The reason I put forward for the annulment was that I was underage. My mother actually got the wife for me at the age of 19 because I a little rascally with women.

“Getting me married at that age was supposed to curb my sexual excesses. “

Incidentally, Mr Oputa’s 101 year-old mother is once again the reason he is contracting a formal marriage to Lady Diane, who has three children for him.

He explained, “This is not that kind of marriage with fanfare. I am doing it to please my aged mother. She has been pleading that we do the right thing.

“This is a woman I have been living with for 40 years. We know each other well. This is about obedience to certain demands of the society.

“People wonder how I am able to live with one woman all these years. It is not that we do not have misunderstanding.

“Marriage is successful when you are able to manage your incompatibility. I saw my parents quarrel, reconcile, kiss and hold hands again. These are the values that have guided me my relationship. “

Charly Boy who is 62 years has nine children from different women insists that “Lady Diane is now the mother of all my children. We have 16 grandchildren.”

2019 VP Debate: I'm Not Buhari's Spare Tyre - Osinbajo Speaks Out

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2019 VP Debate: I'm Not Buhari's Spare Tyre - Osinbajo Speaks Out
VP Osinbajo
While speaking during the 2019 vice-presidential debate on Friday night, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, said that he is not a spare tyre to the president, emphasising that his roles as the number two citizen are spelt out in the constitution, adding that this differs from the constitution of other countries.
When asked how taking the job of the vice-president has been since he assumed office over three years, Osinbajo said the demand of the role has since increased his grey hair, adding that despite the herculean nature of his job, it has also been rewarding.
He said: “I am sure that those who know me quite well know that my hair was not this grey when I started out in 2015. So really, it has been tasking.

“And it has also been an incredibly rewarding experience especially looking at it from the point of view of the ability to do the things that one wanted to do all along as an individual.

“The role is one where you are in many senses the chief adviser to the president of the country and possibly the one person that would represent him when when he is absent for a meeting and even when he is absent for a longer period.

“So there is a sense in which the role of the vice president is one that very closely mirrors the role of the president in very profound ways.

“But our vice-presidency is different from that of other countries. Because unlike other countries, even countries that have similar constitutions, our own constitution actually specifies role for the vice president. The vice president is the chairman of the national economic council…that is a constitutional role.

“In some senses, those who say the role of the vice president is like a spare tyre have it wrong because they are probably looking at other jurisdictions. In our jurisdiction, there are specific roles that the vice-president is entitled by law to perform.

“The vice president is also the chairman of the NCP, that is the national council of privatisation , the vice president is also statutory chairman over 22 parastatals and agencies and these are defined by law.

“That role is one that a good degree of trust is required between the president and the vice president. The role of the vice-president is one which also requires, I think, a great deal of patience because you may not always agree with the policies.”

E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift

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E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift
Billionaire businessman, Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-money has just bought his wife a Rolls Royce Phantom as her 2018 Christmas gift.

E-Money, while appreciating his wife and mother of their three sons for her support, loyalty and love through the many years shared the photos on his Instagram page writing;

”Please help me pray for this Lady .She has been with me through thick and thin, She has never stopped praying for me…. My Love you deserve all the good things of life .Enjoy your Christmas gift….. Congratulations My Tomato Jos @iam_mrse #rollsroycephantom

E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift
Juliet admiring her new car
Appreciating his gesture, an excited Juliet also took to her Instagram page to write;

”Oh my God! Christmas came early. I’m still speechless. Came back home for Christmas ,only to see a new baby Thank you my love , you see why l love you. You are so full of surprises and always ready to gift me with precious things …. You will forever be my Super man, l can never trade you for anything .. My Chocolate cake with caramel topping . I Love You baby @iam_emoney1 #rollsroycephantom”
See more photos below:
E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift
E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift
E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift
E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift
E-money Surprises Wife With Rolls Royce Phantom Car As Christmas Gift


102-Year-Old Woman Becomes World's 'Oldest' Skydiver

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102-Year-Old Woman Becomes World's 'Oldest' Skydiver
Irene O’Shea in the plane before jumping off
An Australian woman recently celebrated her birthday by leaping out of a plane 14,000 feet in the air, becoming the oldest person to ever do so.
Irene O’Shea took the plunge to celebrate her 102nd birthday and raise money for Motor Neurone Disease (Lou Gehrig ’s disease), which took her daughter’s life years ago.
This is O’Shea’s third time partaking in the daring activity with SA Skydiving, which describes the woman as “an absolute joy to have in the drop zone.”
102-Year-Old Woman Becomes World's 'Oldest' Skydiver
The old woman jumps off with her guide
On Dec. 9, O’Shea and her three-time instructor boarded a plane for takeoff. After going over the safety measures, the two completed a “smooth, beautiful freefall” that ended with a “perfect” landing near excited friends and family.
When a local news station asked O’Shea about being an adrenaline junkie, she replied, “As far as I’m concerned I’m the same as everyone else, just a normal person.”
While O’Shea might be the current record holder, she certainly isn’t the first person to celebrate a milestone birthday with such an adventurous activity.
102-Year-Old Woman Becomes World's 'Oldest' Skydiver
Flying through the sky
When Michigan woman Dottie Sambiagio turned 90 in August, she was inspired to follow in George H. W Bush’s footsteps and take the plunge, literally, by going skydiving. She described the experience as “wonderful.”
102-Year-Old Woman Becomes World's 'Oldest' Skydiver
102-Year-Old Woman Becomes World's 'Oldest' Skydiver

I Want To Fight Wilder In April - Anthony Joshua

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I Want To Fight Wilder In April - Anthony Joshua
Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua
Britain's Anthony Joshua has said he wants to fight WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder in April.
Earlier this month, Joshua watched on as Wilder and Fury fought a thrilling draw in Los Angeles. 
MySportDab report the WBC have since sanctioned a direct rematch. 
Speaking on American show First Take, Joshua said: "April 13, in London. I don't know what more I have to do to get that message across. 

"He's (Wilder) more interested in fighting Tyson Fury - Tyson Fury holds no world titles.

"I can't control what Deontay Wilder does, what Tyson Fury does, or what they say. What I can do is control what I do and say.

"I made sure with the negotiations I booked the date in advance, the venue in advance, and am making my point clear for everyone, I am willing to fight any one of these guys, especially the champion Deontay Wilder, at Wembley, April 13."

Lady Narrates How She Was Duped Of N482K After Receing Fake Alert

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 Lady Narrates How She Was Duped Of N482K After Receing Fake Alert
Sandra Joe who is telling the shocking story
A Facebook user identified as Sandra Joe, has taken to the social networking platform to warn innocent Nigerians about how they welcome customers into their shops, adding that not everyone who walk into the shop wants to buy something, as some are looking for what to steal. 
The young lady took to Rant HQ on Facebook to narrate how three well-dressed men came to dupe her in her store of a whooping N482,500. 
According to her, these men walked into her shop and pretended that they wanted to buy 10 Infinix Hot6X. However, each of the phones cost N48,050 so they decided to make a transfer because they did not have cash. 
The transaction was successful on their phone but when the sales rep went to the bank to withdraw the cash, the money did not reflect in her account, and she is left with paying the huge sum of money. 
She shared a screenshot of the transaction and wrote:
“Admin please approve in order not to let another rant member fall a victim..So I was at the office today eating when three well-dressed men walked in, they said they needed 10 pieces of INFINIX HOT6X and each phone cost 48,050. 

I was over-joyed that my xmas go dey soft little did i know that the devil was laughing at me....I started writing receipts and when it was time for payment, I gave them our boss's Zenith bank account to make the transfer since they didn’t come with cash buh the transfer wasn’t successful, so the sales girl who was banking with Fidelity gave them her own account number to run the transfer and boooom an alert entered indicating that the money has been transferred successfully. 

I now sent the girl to withdraw the money as the customers left buh lo and behold the money didn't reflect on the girl's account and that was how i was duped today N482,500 which means the alert was flashing and not real..Now i will be paying for an avoidable mistake.

Please you all should stay woke this festive period so that no one will feel the pain that i am feeling now..These day thieves wear suit and tie with matching shoes and briefcase."
See a screenshot of the transaction below: 
 Lady Narrates How She Was Duped Of N482K After Receing Fake Alert

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