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Edwin Clark Accuses President Buhari for Unpatriotism

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Edwin Clark Accuses President Buhari for Unpatriotism

Niger Delta elder statesman, Edwin Clark has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari’s insistence on open grazing is “unpatriotic and unacceptable.”

Recall that last week President Buhari, while responding to questions during an Arise TV imterview, said he has asked the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami to recover lands meant for grazing routes as stipulated in the first republic gazette, despite Southern Governors banning open grazing in their region.

Clark has now come out to fault Buhari's stance arguing that the Land Use Act vested land ownership in states on the state governors not the president.

Clark, in a statement on Monday, June 14, asked AGF Malami to stop “misleading and misdirecting” the president.

He added that the office of the AGF is expected to be “independent of parochial and unconstitutional government decisions.”

“I repeat, on behalf of southerners, that open grazing has been finally buried in southern Nigeria. For Mr. President to insist that open grazing should continue whereby he asked the attorney general of the federation and minister of justice, Abubakar Malami, to dig out the gazette that approved open grazing in the First Republic is unbelievable, unpatriotic and unacceptable to our people,” he said

“Mr. President should regard himself as President of one Nigeria, and not as President of the Fulanis or the Northerners. We shall resist, at all cost, any attempt to subjugate us as citizens of one Nigeria.

“I also use this opportunity to seriously advise the attorney general of the federation and minister of justice, Abubakar Malami, over his irresponsible and unprofessional language, which is misleading and misdirecting Mr. President, because the rhetorical question Mr. President asked during his interview with Arise Television, whether Nigerians want him (Mr. President) to contradict the attorney general of the federation, was based on his understanding of the AG’s advice to him.

“The AG’s position is provided for in the constitution, and he is expected to be independent of parochial and unconstitutional Government decisions. He behaves as if his position is that of a Minister of Justice alone.

“This was the reason why at the 2014 national conference it was recommended that the post of the attorney general, recognised by the Constitution should be separated from that of the minister of justice who owes his allegiance to the Government in power that appointed him.

“Perhaps Mr. President is not aware, or he has not been advised by the AG that the Land Use Act which vested ownership of land on the State Governor is entrenched in the Constitution of the country.”


G7 Countries Converge to Halt Petrol and Diesel Vehicles by 2030

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G7 Countries Converge to Halt Fuel and Diesel Consumption by 2030

The group of G7 countries have agreed on a plan to end reliance on fuel and diesel-powered cars by 2030.

As part of a comprehensive Green Belt and Road Initiative aimed at providing developing countries with billions of dollars in aids and investments required to curb carbon emissions, the G7 countries also see this initiative as an alternative to China’s belt and road initiative which China has promoted in Africa and developing countries.


According to a report published by the British Government, the G7 nations want to consent to a “nature Compact” that will “halt and reverse: biodiversity loss by 2030. The plan includes conserving or protecting 30% of more of land and ocean respectively globally by the end of 2030.

“The G7 will endorse a Nature Compact at this afternoon’s meeting to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 – including supporting the global target to conserve or protect at least 30 percent of land and 30 percent of ocean globally by the end of the decade.”

The group also agreed to start action plans required to slash carbon emissions which include ending government support for the fossil fuel energy sector overseas and phasing out petrol and diesel cars.

“Leaders will set out the action they will take to slash carbon emissions, including measures like ending all unabated coal as soon as possible, ending almost all direct government support for the fossil fuel energy sector overseas and phasing out petrol and diesel cars.” –  UK Government

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Protecting our planet is the most important thing we as leaders can do for our people. There is a direct relationship between reducing emissions, restoring nature, creating jobs and ensuring long-term economic growth.

"As democratic nations we have a responsibility to help developing countries reap the benefits of clean growth through a fair and transparent system. The G7 has an unprecedented opportunity to drive a global Green Industrial Revolution, with the potential to transform the way we live.”

The G7 are also expected to commit to almost halve their emissions by 2030 relative to 2010. The UK is already going even further, pledging to cut emissions by at least 68% by 2030 on 1990 levels (58% reduction on 2010 levels).

The United States Government also confirmed comments by the UK stating an end in direct support for thermal coal power generation.

“Accelerating Decarbonization and Transition from Unabated Coal: Confronting the climate crisis presents a historic opportunity to drive our economic recovery, create millions of good-paying union jobs, and build back better as we invest in a more resilient, prosperous, equitable, and secure future.

"Recognizing that unabated coal power generation is the single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions globally, and consistent with President Biden’s domestic leadership, G7 Leaders will commit to an end to new direct government support for unabated international thermal coal power generation by the end of this year.”

This new agreement is a direct threat to Nigeria’s economic future as the Nigerian Government relies on crude oil export for over 50% of its revenues

Naftali Bennett Sworn in as Israeli new Prime Minister

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Naftali Bennett sworn in as Israel's new Prime Minister

Israel has welcomed a new prime minister for the first time in more than a decade. 


Naftali Bennett, 49, was sworn in on Sunday June 13, after a new coalition government unseated longtime Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Bennett, 49, was a former chief of staff to Netanyahu


The newly elected prime minister was appointed by the Knesset, Israel's parliament, in a 60-59 vote, with one minister abstaining.


Shortly after the votes were counted, the now former-Prime Minister Netanyahu approached his opponent and the two shook hands.

Naftali Bennett sworn in as Israel's new Prime Minister

He later took to Twitter to pen a message to his supporters, vowing to return.


"I ask you: do not let your spirit fall," he said. "We'll be back - and faster than you think."


President Joe Biden released a statement congratulating Bennett and the new Israeli government. "Israel has no better friend than the United States. The bond that unites our people is evidence of our shared values and decades of close cooperation and as we continue to strengthen our partnership, the United States remains unwavering in its support for Israel's security," he said.


"I look forward to working with you to strengthen the ties between our two nations," Prime Minister Bennett responded via Twitter.


Netanyahu, 71, was first elected prime minister in the late 1990s and then again in 2009.


Update from Danish Team Doctor on Christian Eriksen Cardiac Arrest on the Pitch

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Danish Team Doctor on Christian Eriksen
Denmark’s team doctor Morten Boesen has confirmed Christian Eriksen was ‘gone’ before being brought back to life on the pitch.

The 29-year-old Inter Milan midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest shortly before half-time of Denmark’s opening Euro 2020 group game against Finland on Saturday in Copenhagen.

Medics gave the footballer emergency treatment and were able to save his life using CPR and a defibrillator as his distraught teammates formed a protective ring around him. He is now in a stable condition in hospital. 

‘He was gone,’ said Boesen. ‘We did cardiac resuscitation, it was cardiac arrest. How close were we? I don’t know. We got him back after one defib so that’s quite fast. We don’t have an explanation why it happened.’


Danish Team Doctor on Christian Eriksen

In a statement on Twitter, the Danish FA said: ‘Latest news: this morning we have spoken to Christian Eriksen, who has sent his greetings to his team-mates.


‘His condition is stable and he continues to be hospitalised for further examination. The team and staff of the national team have received crisis assistance and will continue to be there for each other after this incident.

How I contracted HIV at the age of 19 - Ghana Actress Joyce Dzidzor

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How I contracted HIV at the age of 19 - Ghana Actress Joyce Dzidzor

Former Ghanaian HIV/AIDS ambassador and actress, Joyce Mensah Dzidzor has narrated how and when she contracted the deadly HIV/AIDS.


Dzidzor who recently underwent the test again on a live TV show where she tested positive, disclosed that she had an affair with a man who had tested positive for the virus.


She revealed that the 45-year-old man attended same church with her and was helping her after she showed interest in learning how to use a computer. 


She disclosed that the man who had been helping her, invited her to his apartment one day and they ended up having unprotected sex. 


Dzidzor said when she got to know about her status, the man had already moved from being an HIV patient to an AIDS patient and died shortly after.

Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag Again

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Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag Again

Jack Dorsey has raised brows after tweeting the Nigerian flag again, this time, for no known reason.


The Twitter CEO, whose social media app was banned by the Nigerian government, first tweeted the Nigerian flag at exactly 12am West African Time (WAT) on the day Nigeria was marking Democracy day, June 12.


Then, at 12am WAT on June 14, he tweeted the Nigerian flag again and this made Nigerians begin questioning his motive.


Below are some comments after he tweeted the Nigerian flag again today.

Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag Again

Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag Again

Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag Again



Unknown Bidder Pays $28million for a Seat with Jeff Bezos on Space Trip

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 Unknown Bidder Pays $28million for a Seat with Jeff Bezos on Space Trip

A mystery bidder has paid a whopping $28million (£20m) for a seat on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's first crewed spaceflight by his Blue Origin company to space.


The winning bid was made at an auction on Saturday, June 13, with Blue Origin tweeting that the winner's identity would be revealed in the coming weeks.

Unknown Bidder Pays $28million for a Seat with Jeff Bezos on Space Trip

Unknown Bidder Pays $28million for a Seat with Jeff Bezos on Space Trip

The bidding process attracted bids from more than 140 countries.

The flight to Space which will occur on 20 July, will include Bezos' and his brother Mark alongside the unnamed space tourist.

After over a month of bidding, the top bid had stood at just under $5m - but once Saturday's online auction got under way that figure rose more than five times.

The Space travel company tweeted that the winning bid amount will be donated to the company's foundation.


"The winning bid amount will be donated to Blue Origin's foundation, @ClubforFuture," Blue Origin tweeted.

According to Blue Origin's website the company plans to launch its passengers more than 100km (62 miles) above the Earth's surface, allowing them to experience microgravity. The six-berth capsule will return to Earth using parachutes.

The trip is expected to last about 10 minutes.

The New Shepard booster can land vertically on the ground after returning from space. It is named after Alan Shepard, the second person and first US citizen to fly into space.

The first crewed flight comes just weeks after Mr Bezos plans to step down as CEO of Amazon.

Bezos has a net worth of $186.2bn (£131.5bn), according to Forbes.


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