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Igbos are Descendants of Isreal?


Igbos are Descendants of Isreal?
(OBUGAD)- The House of Gad.” He erected his house as well as a temple with an altar.
He called the temple OBUGAD, in honour of his father Gad; the temple survived and had been preserved as the most Holy place in Enugwu Aguleri and serves as the palace of Ezeora.
It is the palace of the most ancient dynasty in Igbo Land and the general/collective temple of the descendants of Eri.
Sometime n October 29th 1995, a team of Israeli (Jewish) Researchers stormed Enugwu Aguleri after a visit to Agu-Ukwu Nri, on the previous day and Visited His Majesty, Eze Eri, Informing him that they have come in search of the lost tribes of Israel. According to the visiting team, their research work has taken them to various places in the world Including Sudan, Egypt and Jamaica etc. They were received at OBUGAD Palace in Enugwu Aguleri by Eze Eri and the entire Aguleri Communities.
The team visited historical and cultural sites
  • Agbanabo Ezu-na-Omabala (the confluence of Ezu and Omabala rivers)
  • Otutunzu
  • ObuGad Ezeora Palace
  • Odanduli
  • Ama Atta
  • Foot steps of Eri at Agbanabo
  • Ogodo Stream
  • Ama Menri
  • Graveyard of Menri
  • Ngene me ezi ezi Atta
  • Grave yard of Eri
  • Ajana Ukwu
  • Ovilivo e.t.c

On the understanding and belief that the Igbo have been traced to the LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL through Aguleri, His Majesty Eze A.E. Chukwuemeka Eri, Eze Eri, Ezeora 34th, Eze Aka Ji Ofor Igbo was appointed leader of the Igbo-Israelites in West-Africa in May 1996, during a conference of king Solomon Igbo-Israelites (Bani-Israel) Federation, held in Philadelphia, U.S.A. the conference was aimed at increasing the brotherly relationship and cohesion among the tribes of Israel Worldwide.
Again in 1997, another team of Bani-Israelites from King Solomon Igbo-Israelites (Bani-Israel) Federation visited Nigeria and came to Aguleri to fine-tune the research findings of 1995. The team’s discovery at Obugad in Enugwu- Aguleri attracted comments from a renowned historian, Prof. O.Alaezi as follows:

“There is a very significant concentration of Eri, the fifth son of Gad (See Gen. 46:16) in Aguleri, Anambra state where recently a very important discovery of a clear evidence of Israel ancestral origin of the Igbo was made in the domain of Eze Eri in Enugwu Aguleri at the instance of the Bani-Israel team which was on a fact-finding mission in 1997.
There and then one of the memorial onyx stones for the sons of Israel as the lord commanded Moses (see exodus 39:7) was discovered and identified as such by the team leader from King Solomon Israelite (Bani-Israelite) federation. On the stone discovered in Enugwu Aguleri was engraved the name Gad in the Aramaic language reminding one of the writings in Exodus 39:14, there were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of the twelve tribes.”
The video of the visits, research findings, identification of similarities in cultural activities and other converging factors, which establish the relationship between Aguleri and the Bani-Israel, was later sent to Eze Eri by the research team.
Source: Iduueri


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