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Beware: Flooded Cars From Hurricane Harvey Are Getting Lined Up Already (Photos)

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Beware: Flooded Cars From Hurricane Harvey Are Getting Lined Up Already (Photos)

Be careful as flooded cars will be hitting the Nigerian Auto Market pretty soon. With over 1,000,000 cars being totaled by Hurricane Harvey and Irma... a great chunk of them is definitely heading to Nigeria.

Our Government will prolly do nothing to stop these cars from getting here.. but you can do something to prevent yourself from buying one.

Buying a cheap and flooded car will most likely do you more harm than good.. such cars usually give unlimited issues like engine knock, transmission problems and some other epileptic attitudes like windows rolling down instead of going up or the volume of the sound system going up while you are trying to reduce some noise.

Do a thorough inspection, do a VIN check before you buy the next and don't fall victim of a lemon car.

Have you gotten one of such flooded cars before, tell us your experience in the comment section.

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting a girl...

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According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner is truly about to be a baby mama. Hard to believe. She and her boo are expecting a girl together. Read the TMZ report below...
Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are having a baby girl ... sources directly connected with the couple tell TMZ. We've also learned Travis has been privately telling friends about the pregnancy for nearly 2 months, and Kylie is around 5 months pregnant. What's interesting about the timing ... TMZ broke the story that Kim and Kanye are also expecting a baby via surrogate, and their kid is due around mid January. That means their baby will be born around the same time as Kylie's. BTW, we broke the story ... Kim and Kanye are also having a girl. Maybe a discount at Cedars is in the works.

Another Nigerian Man Relaxes With His Car In The Middle Of Highway (Pic)

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Yesterday photo of a man and his car taking a nap on Ikoyi bridge went viral.People couldn't help asking question on how he could be so relaxed on such a busy highway at night. Now, another man has done same.But this time not on a high brow road. He is equally not spotted with red wine but a cheap beer. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter the road traveled, as long as same destination is reached.
 Another Nigerian Man Relaxes With His Car In The Middle Of Highway (Pic)

Biafra: Reps speaks on agitation for Igbo nation, restructuring

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Biafra: Reps speaks on agitation for Igbo nation, restructuring
The House of Representatives, on Tuesday, reacted to the current agitation for secession and restructuring of the country.
The lawmakers resolved take the line of restructuring by revisiting the issue of devolution of power.
In a motion before the House, during today’s resumed plenary session, House Majority Leader, Femi Gbajabiamila urged the lower legislative chamber to urgently quench what he described as “a burning fire‎” which is threatening the existence of the country.
‎According to Gbajabiamila, “Mr. Speaker, these issues regarding agitations were all over the place, from the East, the West, the North and South. And we have as a responsibility to speak with one voice as a House and bring healing and reconciliation to our dear country.

“So I ask, are we going to play the ostrich and act as if nothing is wrong? We have sworn to protect the unity and ensure the progress of this country and that we should be seen to be doing; and like it was said, the task of keeping this nation one is a task that must be done.” ‎
Following the motion, the House resolved to set up an adhoc committee to reach out to various interest groups and stakeholders across the country.
The House said its step was aimed at resolving all contending issues that threaten the peace and unity of Nigeria.

Photo: One dead, car razed as Nigerians clash over Biafra in Bengaluru, India

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The Biafra struggle is playing out on the streets of Bengaluru,India with some Nigerian nationals clashing over the issue multiple times.
According to a report by the Times of India, the Bengaluru Police are now mulling over getting these students deported.
A series of attacks and counter attacks has taken place in the city between these students over Baifra issue.
In the wee hours of Sunday, a dozen Nigerian students created a ruckus in Hennur. They allegedly attacked the residence of one Elvis Ohachosim, a 39-year-old fellow Nigerian, and set his car ablaze.
According to DCP North East, Girish, this was a counter attack in retaliation to Elvis attacking two Nigerian friends on Saturday evening.
He said that Sunday’s attack was not the first time the Nigerians fought over Baifra issue.
“This has been going on since the beginning of September. On September 3, Nigerian citizen N Chigozie, a resident of Hennur, died. Investigations suggest that he may have died after clashes between the gangs at an African restaurant in Kothanur,” DCP Girish added.
The Bengaluru police have filed four cases against these two Nigerian groups since September 3.
According to Elvis’ complaint, 12 people arrived at his house in Vaddarapalya at around 3am on Sunday.
“The man knew he was in trouble so he did not open the door. His car was parked in front of his house and they set it ablaze instead. He has also said that the gang threatened to kill him,” the DCP added.
An FIR was filed at the Hennur Police Station later on Sunday against the 12 Nigerians. Elvis’ car was not completely gutted as a few of his neighbours helped him put out the fire after the gang left.
According to the police, Chigozie was found dead near Geddalahalli railway track on September 3. The Kothanur police had thought it was a road accident. After preliminary investigation, a case of murder was registered. The police are now awaiting the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report.
Chigozie's brother Nonso Odedike, has filed a complaint accusing a group of Nigerians led by a man named Aiwa, of attacking him and Chigozie at a restaurant named African Kitchen in Kothanur, on September 2.
“Chigozie’s brother has said that they were having dinner at African Kitchen on the night of September 2. They were discussing the Biafra issue when they were attacked. Six people were arrested in the case and are now out on bail,” a senior police official said.
Nonso, in his complaint states that when the attack occurred, they fled the spot. He says that his brother may have been killed while trying to escape.
The senior official said that two groups – one supporting Nonso and the other supporting the six accused in Chigozie’­s murder, have been clashing repeatedly after September 3, the senior police officer said.
Elvis is believed to be a Nonso supporter, who allegedly attacked Christoper Okwi Onuigbo and his friend Ani Charles. The duo were part of the six-member gang arrested for Chigozie’s murder.
The Kothanur Police filed a complaint against six people including Elvis for the attack on Saturday night.
“There are two gangs of Nigerians who are clashing over political reasons. We will submit a report about them to the Foreign Regional Registration Office,” DCP Girish said.
Police said the accused in all four cases are Nigerian nationals and had come to India on business or student visas.
Source: Times of India

On Set Romance: Game of Thrones Co-stars, Jon Snow & Ygritte are Engaged!

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On Set Romance: Game of Thrones Co-stars, Jon Snow & Ygritte are Engaged!
Game of Thrones lead character, Kit Harington popularly known as Jon Snow and his co-star, Rose Leslie known as Ygritte will soon be a couple after getting engaged.

Popular TV series, “Game of Thrones” co-stars, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, who star as Jon Snow and Ygritte are reportedly engaged.
It was gathered that Harington reportedly popped the question to Leslie, who was also his love interest in the show.
The duo have reportedly been dating for 5 years, and have told friends and family that they’re engaged.
Sources who spoke to The Sun said: "They’re yet to set a date, but told friends and family last week that they’ve gotten engaged.

"Kit’s known for ages he’s wanted to marry Rose but he wanted them to get a house and settle down a bit first."
The 2 moved in together back in January, and Harington reportedly felt that was the next step, so he popped the question.

Festus Keyamo speaks on the PSquare feud

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Festus Keyamo speaks on the PSquare feud
Festus Keyamo is the lawyer representing PSquare and that altercation amongst the brothers happened in his office. He's released a statement on the on-going feud. Read below...
Our attention has been drawn to the on-going feud between the Psquare brothers in online, print and electronic media. We have also been inundated with calls from the media to authenticate the correspondence Peter Okoye sent to our office, indicating his intention to terminate the contract between the brothers for various reasons and the online video showing a purported scuffle between the brothers in our Chambers.

Firstly, while it is obvious that none of these materials were released from our Chambers, we are thoroughly saddened and embarrassed by these developments. As their close friends and lawyers over many years, we have done our very best to manage their differences over time and very prominent personalities have been invited in the past to intervene.

We are well aware that we have a duty to keep the details of their disagreements confidential, so we shall say nothing here on the issues at stake. But since the disagreement is now in the public domain, and our name has been dragged into the fray, we wish to appeal to members of the public to refrain from jumping into uninformed conclusions about this feud.

None of these talented brothers is at fault. None of them is also wholly justified and correct in their individual positions. We also wish to state categorically that, contrary to widely held opinions, none of their wives is at fault. In fact, the wives have kept their respectable and dignified distances from all the issues involved. THEY HAVE NEVER INTERFERED in any way.

We also want to state that whilst all the three brothers may have genuine grievances, nobody’s life is at risk. All the various incidents that happened in our Chambers (some as late at 12 midnight and 2am and one of which was captured in the online video) arose out of various meetings that were genuine attempts at resolving their differences. Whatever was said by all of them that were provocative were done in the heat of passion, emotion and anger. In fact, the incident in the video circulating online happened sometime around May, 2016. After all those arguments, we all still sat down and signed agreements and we were all happy.
So, we appeal to everyone to please grant the Okoye family the privacy, prayers and support that they need at these trying times. I have also appealed to all of them not to grant further interviews at this point so as not to escalate the issues further. Whatever is going on is the usual siblings’ rivalry experienced in most families. It is nothing unusual.

We are of the strong opinion that the brothers would eventually put away their differences and come back stronger.

Thank you.
 Yours most trusted,

     Head of Chambers

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