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The Color Of Our Urine Can Tell Numerous Things About Our Health!

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The Color Of Your Urine Can Tell Numerous Things About Our Health!
Our urine color isn’t something we pay attention to. But, its consistency as well as its color and its smell can tell us a lot about our health. Our urine is composed of potassium, urea, creatinine, dissolved ions, 95% as well as some organic and inorganic compounds.
The color of our urine is the well-known yellow because it contains urobilin. This is a waste product which appears because of the process of breaking down of old red blood cells.

Here is a list with 11 types of colors of urine that can make you aware of any color and its meaning:

It’s great for our body to consume plenty of water because we need to be hydrated. If our urine is colorless, it means we’re overly hydrated. We shouldn’t drink more than 2 liters of water every day. Water can decrease the electrolytes we have in our body and that will in turn cause a kind of chemical imbalance.
Light Yellow
Light yellow means that we’re well hydrated.
This kind of a color of the urine can appear because of proteins, tissues or extra mucus which is broken down. This can also signify a bladder infection.
Medium Yellow
Medium yellow signifies dehydration. You need to start drinking a lot of water right now!
Dark Yellow
This is a sign of serious dehydration. Take a cup of tea or a glass of water immediately! It can also be a side-effect of vitamin B intake.
If your urine is orange, it means you have greater amounts of bilirubin in your body. It remained in your body a by-product of old red blood cells breakdown. It can also appear if a gallstone is causing obstacles in the bile duct. It can show a urinary tract infection or a liver disease. It can also signify that you’ve taken some medicines that you’ve taken against urinary tract infections.
Blood in the urine isn’t a good sign. A pink urine can appear because of beet consumption, but you’d better visit your urologist so that you can be sure that everything is OK.
Darker pink
It’s usually caused by a bladder infection or is a sign for cancer. It’s not only a drop of blood. It can be the appearance of bladder or kidney stones. You need to treat them urgently!
Dark pink
This color is a sign that you have too much blood in the urine. You have probably left it untreated for some time. It can be a sign for cancer, too, so you’d better visit your doctor to perform some tests.
A brown urine can appear because of an antibiotic called metronidazole or an anti-malarial called chloroquine. A kidney disorder or too much exercise can also cause that.
Green or Blue urine
In case you intake foods rich in synthetic dyes, they can cause the green or blue color. Uribel is another cause because it contains a drug by the name of methylene blue. You need to drink plenty of water to dissolve it.
Cloudy – signal of bladder infection
Clear – you are super well hydrated
Medium yellow – you might be dehydrated
Light yellow – you are well hydrated
Orange – dehydration, gallstones, liver disease, some uti medications
Dark yellow – possible dehydration or heavy use of vitamin B supplements
Dark pink – old, clotted blood may be present
Pink – blood in the urine due to infection, bladder cancer, eating to much beets
Blue/green – food dyes, some medications
Brown – eating lots of fava beans or rhubarb, some medications, severe muscle damage

20 Reasons why you Should Eat an Entire Avocado Every Day

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20 Reasons why you Should Eat an Entire Avocado Every Day
Without a doubt, avocado is a lot of people’s favorite fruit, and this isn’t the case with Americans only, but with people from many other countries as well. This tasty fruit contains a lot of nutrients and so it offers numerous health benefits.
Additionally, numerous studies have shown that people who consume avocados regularly have lower Body Mass Index and better nutrient intake when compared to those who don’t eat avocados frequently. Take a look at some of the best benefits of avocado consumption:
  • Healthy fats
Avocados are rich in good fats-monounsaturated ones. They reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and bad cholesterol levels.

  • Weight loss
According to a study published in the Nutrition Journal, ½ avocado with lunch can be of great help for overweight individuals as it keeps you satiated for a longer period of time. According to the participants in the study, they had 40% lesser desire for eating for more than 3 hours and 28% lesser desire for eating 5 hours after a meal.

  • Blood pressure
As stated by the American Heart Association, a diet which contains natural sources of potassium can help in the control of blood pressure.

Avocados have plenty of potassium. However, as avocados are high in fats, minimize your fat intake from other foods so that you can balance the fat levels.

  • Cholesterol levels
Statistically speaking, 1 in 3 American adults suffer from problems related to high cholesterol levels which only double the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, there are natural ways to lower high cholesterol levels.

Hence, studies have shown that regular consumption of avocado is an excellent way to decrease cholesterol levels. Avocado has the amazing power to lower blood triglycerides and cholesterol levels, as well as to lower LDL cholesterol levels and to increase HDL levels.

  • Rich in nutrients
Avocados have an abundance of nutrients and each serving has more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Through consumption of one avocado you intake the following recommended daily values: 33% of vitamin C, 21% of vitamin E, 26% of vitamin B6, 53% of vitamin K, 19% of copper, 41% of folate, 28% of potassium, and 28% of pantothenic acid.

  • Absorption of nutrients
The amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals isn’t restricted; however, what is important is that the nutrients are properly absorbed. These nutrients are fat-soluble and this means that they need fat in order for the body to assimilate them. Some of them are vitamin A, E, K, D, and some antioxidants.

By adding ½ avocado to salads with carrots, spinach, and lettuce, you absorb 8.3 times the antioxidant alpha-carotene, 13.6 times beta-carotene, and 4.3 times lutein.

  • Prevention of diabetes
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at one point in our lives, diabetes is going to affect around 40% of people in USA. In order to minimize this risk, you must balance your blood sugar levels. One study showed that participants who were given ½ avocado with their lunch, and had their insulin and blood glucose levels checked at intervals, raised their carb and calorie intake, but showed no increase in the blood sugar levels, unlike those who didn’t consume an avocado with lunch.

  • Pain relief
Avocado extracts can be of great help in the reduction of arthritis symptoms. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, avocado soothes the pain and ache caused by arthritis and other inflammatory-based aches.

  • Inflammation
Chronic inflammation is believed to cause most of the modern-age diseases like asthma, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. A lot of studies associated oleic acid and reduction of inflammation. Avocados are rich in this acid, which is also found in olive oil.

  • Eye health
Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes for blindness in the USA. Zeaxanthin and lutein are two ingredients that have been found to have a positive effect in the fight against this condition.

Foods which have a high level of phytonutrients contain a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin. As studies have shown, avocado is the best source of lutein and it also has a high level of zeaxanthin.

  • Pregnancy
As stated by What to Expect, avocado is one of the most important foods for pregnant women. It is rich in vitamin B6, folate, vitamin C, and potassium. Hence, vitamin B6 is crucial for the baby’s tissue and brain development. Moreover, it also alleviates the morning sickness. Folate is needed for healthy development of the fetus in the early stages of the pregnancy.

  • Anti-carcinogenic
According to a study, avocado may be helpful in inhibiting or stopping prostate cancer cell growth. Another study pointed out that avocados can be significant in the reduction of chemotherapy side effects.

  • Bone health
Avocados are rich in vitamin K, folate, copper, and numerous other nutrients. When regularly consumed, avocados help in the building and maintenance of strong bones.

  • Digestion
Avocados keep the digestive system working smoothly. A single avocado has 13 grams fiber which is 54% of the daily recommended fiber.

  • Mood improver
According to several studies, there is a connection between potassium and depression. With the help of scientific studies, it was found that depressed patients suffered from low potassium levels. What’s more, a study from 1993 pointed out that the depressed patients showed low levels of potassium compared to the healthier subjects. All in all, scientists agree that folate is crucial if you want to avoid symptoms of depression and low mood.

Mugabe risks expulsion from ruling party

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Mugabe risks expulsion from ruling party
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe (L) addresses party members and supporters gathered at his party headquarters to show support to Grace Mugabe (R) becoming the party’s next Vice President after the dismissal of Emerson Mnangagwa November 8 2017. AFP PHOTO / Jekesai NJIKIZANA
Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe risked being expelled from the ruling Zanu-PF party following his perceived dabbling in opposition politics, a Senior Party Official has said on Monday.
Secretary for legal affairs Paul Mangwana told state media that Mugabe risked losing his party membership and constitutional privileges for engaging former minister Ambrose Mutinhiri.
According to reports Mutinhiri, recently resigned from the party and went on to form the National Patriotic Front which has since registered to contest in forthcoming elections.
Mangwana said the constitution did not allow a former head of state to get involved in active politics and the ruling party would soon review Mugabe’s membership of the party,
“In the fullness of time, Zanu-PF will have to meet to discuss these new developments about the former head of state and government to review whether it is still necessary or not for him to continue enjoying the status we had given him,’’ he said.
Mugabe joined Zanu-PF soon after its formation in 1963 and was elected president in 1975.
He was removed from the position in November 2017 in a military action he has since described as a coup d’etat and therefore unconstitutional.
His wife Grace was expelled from the party for causing divisions with many party members describing her as loose cannon.
Mugabe earlier told mainly foreign media that Emmerson Mnangagwa’s presidency was illegal and that he was willing to discuss how the situation could be regularised.

The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe While Riding Your Bike

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 The Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe While Riding Your Bike
Cycling is a great way to get around. It is good for your health and it’s even better for the environment. Millions of cyclists share the road with motorists every day, and largely, they do so without incident.

Whenever a pedestrian of any sort shares the road with a motor vehicle, there is the potential risk of an accident. While some might assume that the roads are getting safer for cyclists and other pedestrians, research from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) paints a different picture.

Pedestrian fatalities rose to 5,997 in 2016 from the 5,376 that were reported in 2015. This is an 11% increase from the previous year. The figure of 5,376 in 2015 was also an increase from the 4,910 pedestrian fatalities recorded in 2014.

When you look at incidents that involve cyclists and motor vehicles, you see that these numbers are also on the rise. In 2015, there were an estimated 45,000 bicyclist injuries. That figure is up from 44,000 reported injuries in 2006. In addition to that, there were 818 bicyclist deaths in 2015, which was an increase from 772 in 2006.

Staying Safe on the Road

While the numbers can be alarming, it is important to remember that riding a bike is safe. The odds that any individual rider will be involved in a serious accident are slim, and it is an activity that can have so many benefits. That being said, all it takes is one careless or reckless driver to turn an enjoyable bike ride into a trip to the hospital.

For the most part, cyclists do have to rely on motorists to drive responsibly. If a motorist is distracted, impaired or just driving in a way that is generally careless, there usually is not much that a biker can do to prevent the accident. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce your exposure to risk and prevent injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Protective Gear: Wearing a helmet is one of the best ways to protect against riding injuries. Studies have shown that bicycle helmets can significantly reduce the risk of serious head injuries.
  • Ride with Traffic: Riding against traffic increases the risk of an accident. Whenever you are out on the road, make sure to follow the flow of the traffic.
  • Be Seen: The easier you are to see, the less likely you are to get hit. Use lights and reflectors to make yourself easier to see when riding at night or in low-light conditions.
  • Stay on the Path: Bike paths are becoming more common in cities around the United States. If there is a bike path on your route, try to stick to it as much as possible.
  • Safety Check: You should always do a quick safety check before taking your bike out. Check the brakes and the tires to make sure your bike is in good working order.
  • Signals: While it is the responsibility of a motorist to avoid hitting non-motorists, you can reduce your risk by making sure people know what you are doing. Use the proper hand signals when you plan to turn or stop. 
What to do if You’re Injured While Biking
  • Recognizing your rights and being able to fight for your justice after a bike accident can be difficult. The last thing you want to do is deal with a drawn out and complex legal situation, which is why it’s important to go to a specialist. 
  • A good accident lawyer can make all the difference in your case. Having someone with experience on your side will allow you to focus on healing, while being rest assured that your case is being handled properly. 
A bike accident attorney will fight for your rights and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. As your lawyer is familiar with the legal system and special laws surrounding bike injuries, they will be an irreplaceable part of your full recovery. Don’t suffer needlessly: find a reputable bicycle accident lawyer to ease your mind and help you make the best of an unfortunate situation.

Putin wins fourth term with record vote

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 Putin wins fourth term with record voteVladimir Putin was Monday set for another six years in power after winning a record victory in Russia's presidential election but so far only allies have congratulated him as Moscow's relations with the West disintegrate.
Putin, who has ruled Russia for almost two decades, recorded his best ever election performance with 76.67 percent of the vote but rejected the possibility of staying in power indefinitely.
The opposition said the results were rigged but Putin's supporters said Western pressure on Putin including Britain's accusations in a spy row prompted Russians to close ranks behind their leader.
Opposition and independent monitors reported ballot stuffing and other cases of alleged fraud as the Kremlin pushed for a high turnout to give greater legitimacy to Putin's historic fourth term.
Putin, who is now set to extend his rule until at least 2024 and is already Russia's longest-serving leader since Stalin, ruled out remaining president for life.
"Listen to me. It seems to me that what you are saying is a bit funny," he told reporters Sunday night when asked if he saw himself running for president again in 2030.
"What, am I going to sit here until I am 100 years old? No."
The Russian strongman ran against seven candidates, but his most vocal opponent Alexei Navalny was barred from the ballot for legal reasons and the final outcome was never in doubt.
"I see in this (result) the confidence and hope of our people," a beaming Putin told supporters on a square next to the Kremlin Sunday night.
Putin's relaxed mood stood in stark contrast to the 2012 election night when a teary-eyed Putin claimed victory despite huge protests against his Kremlin comeback.

'Demonisation of Putin'
Spokesman for Putin's campaign Andrei Kondrashov said that at more than 67 percent, turnout was 8 to 10 percentage points higher than expected.
"Britain should be thanked for that," he told Russian journalists. "They once again started piling pressure on us when we needed to mobilise."
"The demonisation of Putin in the West has had an opposite effect in Russia," tweeted senator Alexei Pushkov.
Putin received more than 92 percent of the vote in Crimea, annexed from Ukraine in 2014.
Most of the voters AFP spoke to said they voted for Putin despite a litany of problems like poverty and poor healthcare, praising his foreign policies.
Russia faces increasing global isolation over its interventions in Ukraine and in Syria with a fresh round of US sanctions over election meddling in 2016.
In the runup to the vote, a new crisis broke out with the West as Britain implicated Putin in the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal with a Soviet-designed nerve agent.
Authorities also used both the carrot and the stick to boost engagement in the polls.
Selfie competitions, giveaways, food festivals and children's entertainers were laid on at polling stations in a bid to entice voters.
"People went to polls in festive moods and brought kids along -- like in the old days" in the Soviet era, wrote Nezavisimaya Gazeta newspaper.
But employees of state and private companies and students reported coming under pressure to vote.
According to central election commission data with 99.8 percent of ballots counted, Putin took 76.67 percent of the vote, well ahead of his nearest competitor Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin, who was on 11.79 percent.
Ultra-nationalist firebrand Vladimir Zhirinovsky took around 5.66 percent, former reality TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak was on 1.67 percent, while veteran liberal politician Grigory Yavlinsky received just over 1 percent of the vote.

'Demand justice'
Navalny -- who called on his supporters to boycott the "fake" vote and sent more than 33,000 observers across the country to see how official turnout figures differed from those of monitors -- said there had been "unprecedented violations".
Navalny's opposition movement and the non-governmental election monitor Golos reported ballot stuffing, repeat voting and Putin supporters being bussed into polling stations en masse.
Navalny said his team planned to stage protests but released few details.
The electoral commission dismissed most concerns, saying monitors sometimes misinterpret what they see.
Runner-up Grudinin said the elections had been "dishonest."
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who has lived in Russia since leaking classified information about the US government's surveillance programmes, tweeted a video apparently showing ballot stuffing in a Russian school.
"The ballot stuffing seen today in Moscow and elsewhere in the Russian election is an effort to steal the influence of 140+ million people," he said.
"Demand justice; demand laws and courts that matter."

Putin's last term?
Among the few leaders to congratulate Putin so far was Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has just been handed a second term himself and has gained a path to indefinite rule after presidential term limits were lifted last week.
"China is willing to work with Russia to keep promoting China-Russia relations to a higher level, provide driving force for respective national development in both countries, and promote regional and global peace and tranquility," Xi said.
In Latin America, the presidents of the leftist regimes in Venezuela and Bolivia both effusively congratulated Putin on his "overwhelming" victory.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also commended "the glorious Russian people for its display of civic duty," while Bolivia's Evo Morales said Putin's victory "guarantees geopolitical equilibrium and world peace before the onslaught of imperialism".
Since first being elected president in 2000, Putin has stamped his total authority on the world's biggest country, muzzling opposition, putting television under state control and reasserting Moscow's standing abroad.
The 65-year-old former KGB officer used an otherwise lacklustre presidential campaign to emphasise Russia's role as a major world power, boasting of its "invincible" new nuclear weapons in a pre-election speech.
Putin's previous Kremlin term was marked by a crackdown on the opposition after huge protests, the Ukraine conflict, military intervention in Syria and the introduction of Western sanctions that contributed to a fall in living standards.
"There is no feeling that another six years will become Putin's last in power," liberal newspaper Vedomosti said in an editorial.

Governor Bello Drives Through Streams To Visit Villagers Massacred By Herdsmen In Kogi State (Photos)

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Governor Bello Drives Through Streams To Visit Villagers Massacred By Herdsmen In Kogi State (Photos)
Governor Yahaya Bello's car had to drive through streams to reach the locals
Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state has visited Ojuwo Ajoma - Igbi in Bassa LGA where herdsmen reportedly killed over 10 indigenes. 
In photos shared by Petra Akinti Onyegbule, Chief Press Secretary to Kogi State Governor, she revealed that Bello had to cross streams, climbed valleys and even trekked at a point to get to the community. 
She wrote: "In 2015, herdsmen struck a local government in Kogi State. In 2018, sane people were attacked. A community cut off from civilization, Governor Bello and his team had to bike/walk some 20 kilometers through the forest when vehicles did their part.

A leader had to reach his people who mourned. They needed to be comforted, to be reassured they are not alone through the trying time. Ojuwo Ajamagbe, a community of about 200 people had been visited by man’a wickedness to fellow man. Press releases and speaking through the media won’t do. A delegation wasn’t enough. The Chief Security Officer had to be with his people.
Bello with security operatives at after arriving at the community

He saw them. They saw him.

And together they mourned our common loss.

12 of them had been killed, 10 of them buried in the village while 2 corpses were taken back to their own ancestral land some miles away from Ojuwo Ajamagbe.

The Governor consoled them and told them as Chief Security Officer of the State he would ensure the perpetrators are brought to book. No one, No one, is allowed to spill the blood of another he declared. Anyone and everyone found culpable after investigations shall be made to face the full wrath of the Law.

My people have a saying. “Crying doesn’t make us blind”.

And the people of Ojuwo Ajamagbe, even in their grief, our collective grief, expressed how touch they were to have their Governor in their midst condoling them. They said it never happened. Not even a government led by a son of the LGA deemed them important enough for a condolence and reassuring visit when they were attacked in time past.

As reported by a correspondent the Ejeh Dekina had this to say;

“the paramount ruler of Dekina, the Ejeh Dekina, Alhaji Usman Obaje has commended Governor Yahaya Bello for taking a proactive measure to end the Fulani herdsmen killings at Ogane-Enigu and Ojuwo-ajomayeigbi in Dekina and Bassa local government areas of Kogi State.

Obaje, who gave the commendation at Aloko-Ogane-Enigu on Saturday, said since the creation of the state in 1991, no governor has deemed it fit to visit the village whenever there was a crisis between farmers and the herdsmen.

He said the visit of governor Bello to the trouble villages has shown his level of humility toward the people of the state , noting that many people who fled from the villages to other neighboring towns for safety have started returning home as a result of the presence of heavy security agents drafted to the areas.”

The Governor reassured his people of government’s protection and thanked security agencies for swinging into action which brought the situation under control. A journey of over 14 hours ended with Governor Yahaya Bello more determined than ever to bring perpetrators to book. And a promise of provision of basic amenities to the people so they can feel the presence of government.

May the souls of the departed Rest In Peace. Amen."

Man Helps His Own Wife Get Married To Another Man Just Six Days After Their Wedding

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Man Helps His Own Wife Get Married To Another Man Just Six Days After Their Wedding
File photo used only for illustrative purpose
An Indian man who had only been married for six days helped his new wife marry her lover so that the three of them could be happy together.
On March 4, 28-year-old Basudep Tappo, a native of Palmara village, in the Indian state of Odisha, married a 24-year-old woman from a village in Jharsuguda, as per the arrangement made by their two families.
Their wedding followed the traditions of the farmer community to which Tappo belonged, and even though no legal papers were signed, the two received the community’s blessings, so they became husband and wife. All was well for the first six days, but then three men from the bride’s home village came to visit and things took a bizarre turn.
The three men, one of whom claimed to be the woman’s cousin, were welcomed by Basudep’s family into the couple’s home. At one point, two of the men left the house to visit the village, while the two cousins remained home alone.
Unfortunately for them, the neighbors didn’t approve of a strange man being alone with a newlywed woman, so they descended upon the house and beat up the audacious ‘cousin’.
Seeing the man pummelled by the mob, the woman came forward and confessed that he was in fact her old lover, whom her family did not approve of. They had married her of to Tappo instead, despite her protests, and the two of them had no choice but to continue their romance in secret.
Such a confession would usually have tragic consequences in many parts of rural India, where adultery is considered a mortal sin, but after hearing his new wife’s explanation, Basudep Tappo came up with a peaceful is somewhat unconventional solution. He suggested that the woman marry her lover as well.
The man then contacted his wife’s family (her brother and sister, as her parents are no more) to tell them about the plan and get them to agree. Once that was settled, they organised a second traditional wedding, between the wife and her lover, which also got the community’s blessing.
“The lives of three people would have been destroyed had I not done this. This was the only solution. Now all of us can be happy,” Tappo said.
Basudep’s mother, Sanibari Tappo, praised his wisdom, telling the Times of India that he had made the best decision, under the circumstances.

“Our lives would have become more complicated had this solution not been reached,” the woman said. “We will never forget his contribution.”

“When we came to know of Basudep’s decision, we felt that it was the most appropriate thing to do in such a situation. So the entire village came forward to support his wife’s second marriage,” said Gajendra Bagh, the head of Pamara village.
Via Oddity Central

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