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Mnangagwa sworn-in as Zimbabwe President

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Mnangagwa sworn-in as Zimbabwe President
Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans gathered at a stadium in Harare on Friday, as Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, took his oath of office as president.
He succeeded ousted Robert Mugabe.
Widely known as, “the Crocodile,” Mnangagwa was all smiles as he was sworn in.
Born in east Zimbabwe, where relatives remember an “active and confident” boy, he spent 10 years in jail during the struggle, gaining O-levels and A-levels and eventually a law degree, then returned to fighting in the bush.
After independence, he was a stalwart of the Zanu-PF party, which he now leads, and was one of Mugabe’s closest aides, cycling through roles including spymaster and security chief, and administering the well-stocked party coffers before being made vice-president.
He fell out of favour, and was ousted along with supporters from his “lacoste” faction, when his own presidential ambitions crossed those of Mugabe’s wife, Grace.
“Mnangagwa isn’t exactly a fresh face. He’s been with Mugabe since 1976. He was the chief hatchet man for Mugabe on and off for 40 years.
“That’s a fact that hasn’t suddenly become irrelevant,” said historian, Stuart Doran.

Bilyaminu Bello's first wife speaks out for the first time since his death

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Bilyaminu Bello
The first wife of Bilyaminu Bello whom he divorced to marry his second wife who allegedly murdered him in their home has spoken out for the first time since his death.
While wishing him a post-humous happy birthday on Facebook, Amina Bala Shagari said she wanted his jealous wife to have peace. She wrote;
Will love you always .you would have been 36 today .may Allah rest your beautiful soul as people continue to say your name every day were the kind of person to leave that kind of impact in your wake and slumber .im sorry we drifted apart I wanted you to have peace .i was so proud of myself for letting her have you to herself .ashe ashe .it wouldn't even come close to being enough .my darling friend .in different points of my life you were everything. A brother who pulled my scarf when I did wrong .a friend who knew me best .we decided to get married out of pure friendship .how strong was that bond.and when we couldn't we still found our way back to being darling. I don't have enough words .you once asked: "what would u do if I die?" I promptly started crying and abused u for suggesting u would die and id be around.those tears shocked u .well if u could see me now .. the thing that was most endearing to me that probably meant nothing to you was the way you never ever ever allowed me to cross the road without holding my wrist to do it for used to infuriate me before I came to expect it .id be like " see this guy ,before him didnt I cross the road .?" (Smiles).even when we fought u held on .even if we didnt talk u held was funny, it was special cos it was not the hand but the wrist, as if to assure urself you wouldn't let go .that was who were .till I suggested I wanted ur jealous wife to have peace .i wouldn't call I said u would .and u did .whenever you could.and u saw me whenever u could.bye my love .may Allah link us up in jannah .we will love aleesha xx.
Bilyaminu Bello

I want to Die in Zimbabwe and Not in Exile - Mugabe Begs

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I want to Die in Zimbabwe and Not in Exile - Mugabe Begs
Mnangagwa takes over from Mugabe
A government source has revealed that former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe begged to be allowed to return to the country as he doesn't want to died in exile. 
Incoming Zimbabwe leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa, assured former President Robert Mugabe, he and his family would be safe in the country, state media said on Friday.
Mnangagwa gave the assurance today, when the two men spoke for the first time since he returned home this week.
The State-owned The Herald newspaper said Mugabe and Mnangagwa, who is set to be sworn in as president later on Friday, had agreed that the former leader may not attend the swearing-in ceremony because he was tired.
Also, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), an intergovernmental organisation, said on Friday that it was ready to work closely with Zimbabwe’s incoming leader Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government.
Mnangagwa is due to be sworn in as Zimbabwean president on Friday following the resignation of Robert Mugabe, who had ruled Zimbabwe since independence in 1980.
SADC is a 16-country intergovernmental organisation which is currently chaired by South Africa President Jacob Zuma.
Similarly, Mugabe was granted immunity from prosecution, sources close to the negotiations said on Thursday.
According to the source, Mugabe was assured that his safety would be protected in his home country as part of a deal that led to his resignation.
Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe for close to four decades but stepped down on Tuesday after the army seized power and the ruling party turned against him.
Mugabe led Zimbabwe from independence in 1980 but stepped down on Tuesday after the army seized power and the ruling party turned against him.
A government source said Mugabe, who is 93, told negotiators he wanted to die in Zimbabwe and had no plans to live in exile.

“It was very emotional for him and he was forceful about it,” said the source, who is not authorised to speak on the details of the negotiated settlement.

“For him it was very important that he be guaranteed security to stay in the country…although that will not stop him from traveling abroad when he wants to or has to,” the source said.
Mugabe’s rapid downfall was triggered by a battle to succeed him that pitted Mnangagwa against Mugabe’s wife Grace.

'The political transfer window is upon us' - Nigerians react to Atiku Abubakar's resignation from APC

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Nigerians have publicly declared the 'political transfer window' open after former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar announced today that he was done with his 'dying party' - All Progressives Congress (APC). See more reactions, also from FFK, below.

This Beautiful Actress Has Spent the Last 7 Years Trying to Prove That She's Not Married

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This Beautiful Actress Has Spent the Last 7 Years Trying to Prove That She's Not Married
Irtiza Rubab
Irtiza Rubab is a 40-year-old Pakistani actress who is known by her stage name Meera.
The woman has spent the past seven years entangled in a court case over whether or not she is married.
Meera is best known for her commercially successful and critically acclaimed Pakistani films, as well as making forays into Bollywood. She is also famed for her social media presence, mainly her videos and her presentation style. Recently, however, she has been making headlines for a different reason, a bizarre court battle against a man alleging to be her husband.
Acording to Oddity Central, the actress’ troubles began in 2009 when Ateeq-ur-Rehman, a businessman from Faisalabad, told journalists that he and Meera had married in a private ceremony, in 2007.
He filed several petitions against Meera, claiming that he was unhappy she had not acknowledged him as her husband and continued to tell her fans and the media that she was single. Rehman even showed the press an alleged marriage certificate, claiming that it was definitive proof of their union.
The businessman has gone so far as to file a petition demanding Meera undergo a virginity test as further proof that she was actually his wife. He asked the court to prevent the actress from marrying anyone else without a legal divorce, and claimed possession over part of her house.
Meera’s lawyer, Balakh Sher Khosa, recently spoke to the BBC about the application filed by Rehman regarding the “virginity test” to prove that Meera was lying about her marital status and virginity.
“This particular application was later dismissed by the Lahore High Court. In Pakistan, such medical applications allow the virginity tests of women in rape and adultery cases where the woman has to establish that she has lost her virginity as a result of the committed crime,” Khosa said. “But in cases similar to that of Meera, calling someone their wife or husband, the virginity test can only be allowed with the consent of the involved woman. Ateeq’s claim was baseless – that’s why the court dismissed it.”
Meera vehemently denies all of Rehman’s claims and insists that she is single. She also filed a countersuit against him in 2010 to challenge the authenticity of the marriage certificate he produced. She claims that Rehman, an acquaintance who worked on some of her concerts and tours, is merely disturbed and hungry for fame.
“One day out of nowhere he presented some fake photographs claiming that we are married… How can he be allowed to call me his wife?” the actress told the BBC. She went on to argue that she would never have had such a low profile wedding in any case. “I am a celebrity, would I ever get married in a room so simply?”
Meera says that the allegations have hurt her reputation, and made it difficult for her to get married until the case resolves.

“I want to get married and have children; time is running out. Indeed my work and mental well-being is affected by all this, but I continue to work and travel, thankfully there are no restrictions on that,” she said.
Meera’s lawyer accused Ateeq-ur-Rehman of using tactics to delay and prolong the court battle.

“Ateeq’s lawyer has been changed so many times that I have lost count now. They hardly ever come to the court when the case is heard,” Khosa said. “Of course there are some other minor hurdles also, like transfer and absentia of a related judge. I am the third lawyer for Meera, but the delay has never been from our side as Meera has already recorded her statement back in 2011.”
Fortunately for Meera, the seven-year battle seems to have finally reached its conclusion. Last week, Mr. Rehman’s application that Meera be prevented from marrying anyone else without a divorce was dismissed by a family court within the civil courts in Lahore. Although a win for Meera, it did not bring the case to a close.
The presiding judge, Babar Nadeem, said that the court had not yet concluded whether or not the marriage certificate was genuine. However, under the Family Court Act 1964, Meera could not be prevented from marrying anyone. Meera still considers this a victory, and said told the BBC that “Justice has finally been served.”
Judge Nadeem has advised both counsels to conclude their arguments as soon as possible and has said that a final court decision will be given before 30 December 2017.

Death toll climbs to 56 in Mubi suicide attack

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Death toll climbs to 56 in Mubi suicide attack 
Aid group to spend N400m for reconstruction in Adamawa
The death toll from Tuesday’s suicide bombing of a mosque in Mubi, Adamawa State, has risen to 58.
Initial reports had stated that about 50 persons lost their lives after a youth blew himself up as worshippers observed early morning prayer.
The principal medical officer, Mubi General Hospital, Dr. Era Mikailu, told journalists yesterday that 48 people were brought to the hospital the day of the attack.
He disclosed that between Tuesday and Wednesday, eight more people lost their lives, and that 15 patients in critical condition had been transferred to Federal Medical Center (FMC), Yola, for treatment.
Meanwhile, humanitarian organisation, Victims Support Fund (VSF) has budgeted N400 million for the reconstruction of seven schools in areas affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.
Six months earlier, VSF, headed by retired General Theophilus Danjuma, released N500 million for the reconstruction of Michika Local Government secretariat and some schools in northern Adamawa.
VSF flagged-off its 2017 women economic empowerment project on Wednesday in Gombi Local Government.
Its executive director, Prof. Sunday Ochoche, said the aim of the organisation was to restore livelihood and boost financial independence among female victims of the insurgency.
He disclosed that four schools were marked for reconstruction in Madagali Local Government, and three from Hong. He said other local governments and the neighbouring states of Borno and Yobe would soon benefit from the initiative.

Singer, Oritsefemi's wife, Nabila, shows off the four cows they will be killing for their wedding carnival this Saturday(photos)

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Singer, Oritsefemi
Nabila is super excited about her upcoming wedding to her husband, musician Oritsefemi. The music star blew Nabila's mind away last week when he paid for their pre-wedding pictures to be posted on the Lekki-Ikoyi electronic billboard.
Nabilla took to her Instastory to show off the four cows and counting they will be killing for their 'shut-down-Nigeria' wedding carnival which holds in Lagos this weekend.
'What is happening here? How many cows can you see? And there is still more coming" an excited Nabila said
Singer, Oritsefemi
Singer, Oritsefemi

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