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Nigerians Should Stop Murmuring And Accept Change – Bishop Wilson Eliamiaga

The G.O of Holy Family Prayer Ministry, said this in a recent interview with Sunday Telegraph. His words:

“Everybody is shouting Nigeria is bad; there is a price to be paid for freedom. Every nation that succeeded paid a price. What is happening is happening because we need a change.
A lot of things have gone wrong. We are all extravagant such that a person who is used to eating many pieces of meat in one single meal does not want to adjust even in these hard times; so he or she complains. We need to adjust to change. In Britain a man who wants to take a wife can just invite one or two guests.
But here, we want to overdo things. We kill cows, buy clothes, sew aso ebi etc. Buhari has done well to start the change; but Nigerians are complaining that he does not want to listen to their complaints. It is important to note that Nigerians should sew their coats according to their clothes.”
While dismissing the allegations that Pres. Buhari does not have a listening ear, he said: “The president should focus on God’s leading. When God is leading a man, He blocks his ears so that he will not hear from men. When God took David into the battle, even his brothers tried to stop him; he didn’t listen. King Saul said who’s this small boy? The King also tried to stop him but he didn’t listen.”…. funny enuf, the then wailers also said he had hearing problem.


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