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Tension In Lagos As Niger Delta Militants Forces Residents To Flee

The invasion of some Lagos riverside communities by suspected Niger Delta militants has all but stalled the local economy of those areas.

Walking through some parts of Isawo and Igbo-Olomu, still feels like walking through a ‘no man’s land’ with shops shut, houses deserted and streets inhabited by nothing but domestic animals.
Aside the immediate impact on livelihood and the fear forcing people to flee these parts of Lagos where many residents were slaughtered and shot by the militants about a month ago, Saturday PUNCH learnt that the attack had virtually grounded hotels in that part of Ikorodu and other areas such as Igando and Iba in Lagos.
“Only a madman will come here and lodge in any hotel at a time like this. People are running away and you want to come and sleep here?” an okada rider, who transported one of our correspondents around the adjoining communities said.
His fear echoed the general atmosphere of fear which pervades the communities.
Nothing in the façade of the first guest house our correspondent visited, Country Inn, could have suggested that it was even open for business at all. Its main gate was locked with a large padlock that seemed to scream ‘keep off!’


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