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7 things you need to know about ‘Budget Padding’

By Tolulope Omoyeni
The Nigerian news scene has been filled with stories about budget padding in the last two weeks and many of us still do not understand why or how padding and budget are used in the same clause.
The only padding we are familiar with is the one that’s present in women’s underwear. Pad? Budget? How?

  1. Padding in politics describes when a group of people in the government illegally insert a few billions to the total amount of the country’s budget for their own gain. Trust me, it’s just a few billions, like 40 billion sha.
  2. Padding is NOT a criminal offence. According to the Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon. Dogara, who is the center of this issue and who has cognitive experience in these matters, padding is not even a word.
  3. Padding IS a criminal offence. See, I’m tired. You people are just confusing us. Femi Falana (SAN), Yinka Odumakin and other human rights activists said Hon. Dogara is a liar. Padding is a word and an offence, too. We believe you.
  4. Hon. Jibrin who is behind all the revelations and accusations has resigned as Chairman of the appropriation committee in the House. And he won’t stop talking. He knows things and we should listen to him more.
  5. The association of Nigerian Wailers on Twitter have welcomed new members over this padding issue. This is probably the one thing that PDP and APC loyalists, erstwhile arch-enemies, agree about.
  6. No arrest has been made so far since this controversy began. Maybe it’s neither an economic nor financial crime. Or maybe because the individuals involved are members of the ruling party. Or maybe, I don’t know…
7. Everyone is calling on Hon Dogara and his cohorts to resign. This is what would have happened in civilised countries, they say. Does that mean Nigeria is uncivilised?


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