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Model deletes Reddit account after asking people to insult her selfie

Model deletes Reddit account after asking people to insult her selfie
A beautiful Reddit user bit more than she could chew after she shared a photo of herself in the "roast me" section of the site and asked users to find something to abuse about her physical looks.

The popular thread encourages Redditors to upload selfies which are then mercilessly mocked by online critics.
Niece Waidhofer, who looked exceptionally breathtaking in the photo, probably thought she was too perfect that users would find nothing to criticise but she was wrong and the criticisms that followed led her to delete her account. Most users ridiculed Niece for her “fake” boobs while others accused her of being “shallow” for posting the selfie.

One user wrote: “Your implants and cry for attention on here only highlight what you and everyone else already suspect… you are insecure.”

Another taunted: “That’s not cleavage it’s the Silicon Valley.”

Another man, who claimed to be Niece's ex, wrote a very scathing comment. His post read:

"You wish you were a real actress so people couldn’t see right through you. You look like your major in college was gold digging. You might be able to marry rich if you knew what to do with a d*** when you see one…. Your nipples look like they had a fight with each other and are hiding on the opposite sides of your boobs. You obviously can’t take criticism. You will die alone."

After deleting her Reddit account, the model then defended herself to her 100,000 Instagram followers. She admitted that she shouldn't have asked to be trolled but remained adamant that the person posing as her ex to insult her was not legitimate.

She wrote on Instagram:
"Yes, I did ask for this. Yes, I totally freaked out and deleted my Reddit account; my dumb a** used my Instagram username, and judging by the flood of deeply disturbing/visually penis graphic DMs I was getting, I did not want to lead them here. I see you found me anyway. Hi Reddit! To the people who thought I was just fishing: on r/RoastMe? …wut. To the “ex” who posted: It doesn’t sound like we’ve ever met; also you spelled my name wrong… #IbeforeEexceptafterC. So in summary, I am a dumba** and I make Reddit really, really angry. Thank you to the majority of commenters, who were actually funny, and thank you to all the nice people who had my back against the people who just got excited about a free pass to use the “c” word. Love you guys."


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