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Nasir Ahmad El-Rufa and Tony Blair
The rise in demand for the restoration of Biafra is today resonating not just in Nigeria but everywhere around the world. The unfettered quest by the Indigenous People Of Biafra to restoring back their stolen identity has reached it's Rubicon and has wittingly or unwittingly skyrocketed from the periphery to the mainstream media everywhere on the earth surface. Even politicians from different parts of the world are waking up in defence of the oppressed people of world and Biafrans in particular, while others are hatching and plotting on the total decimation of the oppressed. Biafrans have been subjugated and impoverished for so long by Northern Hausa Fulani oligarchy and their foreign allies which is not unconnected to the recent visit to Kaduna state by Mr. Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, born 6th May, 1953 is a British politician who served as Prime Minister of United Kingdom from 1997 to 2007. He also served as the leader of the Labour Party from 1994 to 2007. With strong conviction, it wont be wrong to infer that Tony Blair will always be remembered as a man who lied his country into participating in the Iraqi war.

The sudden visit of Tony Blair to the Northern caliphate of Nigeria calls for the need to raise an eyebrow when considering the antecedents of this fellow. There is this aphorism that says, "toads does not run in the daytime without something pursuing it". Tony Blair is a renowned conman that moves from pillar to post fomenting troubles. This is a man that goes around the hub of Africa and Middle East creating terminal problems which have engulfed and wrecked devastating economic and political damage to these continents. There are numerous cases in point to buttress the inimical voyage of this selfish British economic hitman.

There have been constant call from people of good conscience around the globe to prosecute Tony Blair for war crimes. CHILCOT INQUIRY is a typical reference point. The CHILCOT INQUIRY was set up in other to investigate Tony Blair and other war mongers that served in his government concerning the roles they played in the Iraqi war of 2003.

Lord Macdonald, a Liberal Democrat who was the figurehead of the Crown Prosecution Service between 2003 to 2008 said that, Mr Blair had twisted the evidence and law to take Britain to war in 2003. Mr Blair had behaved in a "disruptable way to win tainted legal backing for massive armed conflict". Lord Macdonald gave this response after the long expected release of the CHILCOT REPORT which pinned it succinctly that Saddam Hussein posed " no imminent threat" at the time of the invasion.

According to Sir John CHILCOT, the war was unleashed on the premise of "flawed" intelligence and the former Prime Minister deliberately blurred the lines between what he believed and what he knew regarding the Iraqi's capability to deploy weapons of mass destruction. In another indicting statement, Shadow Commons Leader, Mr Paul Flynn noted that, the inquiry's findings amounted to an "utter condemnation" of Mr Blair's terrible decision to commit British troops to the US-led invasion and the prosecution of the former political gladiator should be given serious consideration.

DailyMail online also reported how Blair plotted to use South African government to topple the government of Mugabe in 2000 but Mbeki, being a man of valor and serving president of South Africa resisted the pressure and sought for a roundtable discussion that led to a temporary agreement that only pacified the nerves of the warring factions in Zimbabwe.

The plan of Tony Blair was to use South Africa to ignite an inferno that will lead to humanitarian crisis and he will now have the opportunity to pillage the country while these countrymen will be killing themselves. This is his usual ploy. Tony Blair is a man without honour and shame. Even in Britain, his political efficacy has whittled down. The sins of Blair has compelled him to be sneaking around restaurants before he can sell his books, what a sorry state. The evil that men do lives with them. His past and present political decisions is prunning him spiritually and otherwise.

Biafrans must be at alert. Tony Blair is a hungry vulture scanning every nook and cranny of the world in search of a living and dead carcass to feast on. The revibrating Biafra question has started getting on his nerves. We must constantly and stubbornly hit them with our demands until they give in. Conmasters like Tony Blair can't stop us.

I pity people that embraces Tony Blair with open arms. Whomever that fraternizes with Blair will always square up with the thought of "had I known". A life full of regrets. Blair is nothing but a selfish and careless economic hitman that flies around the globe seeking for blood contract. Biafrans should understand that the Hausa Fulani oligarchial hegemony have continued playing international politics and building up allies from the Western world, therefore must put everything within their arsenal and consistently demand for Biafra restoration.
We must maximise without any distractions the campaign for election boycott in Biafraland so as to send a strong message of the complete resolve of Biafrans to exit Nigeria. Let's  continue to build foreign political allies irrespective of our foes that resorted to distracting us. Do not be deceived in to voting same politicians that have not represented us in the Nigerian affairs. Election boycott is a civil disobedience and will boost the Biafra struggle unimpededly. Anambra state gubernatorial election billed to take place on 18th November must be boycotted.

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika
Edited by Ebere Okolie
For Family Writers Press


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