Germany bans militant left-wing internet platform
Germany banned the nation’s key online platform for militant left-wing activists less than two months after violent anti-capitalist protests on Friday.
This ban occurs after protests erupted at the Group of 20 Summit of world leaders in Hamburg.
“The operation of the site ( is now a criminal offence,’’ said Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, noting that the banning of the platform was a consequence of the events surrounding the July G20 summit in the northern German port city.
Berlin’s decision also came just four weeks before Germany goes to the polls with Chancellor Angela Merkel hoping to secure a fourth term in office at the Sept. 24 election.
Merkel had faced criticism for holding the summit in Hamburg, which has a large hard-line leftist scene.
Numerous weapons such as knives, batons, pipes and slingshots were found during police searches of premises linked to the website, de Maiziere.
However, no arrests were made.
German security authorities believe that the site, which was launched in 2009, is the most influential platform for the nation’s left-extremist scene and that it often acted as a forum for violent groups.
The number of extremists prepared to commit violence climbed to 28,500 in 2016 the highest level since 2012, German security officials said.