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Why Nigeria Is Booming With Curses Under President Buhari (READ)


We are disappointed with those that voted, canvassed for or aided General Muhammadu Buhari’s emergence as the president of this country. Yes, US and Britain supported him because they prefer a pawn, as a matter of fact, a man without any clue of the game theory. Even Abacha understood better, God bless his soul, because Buhari has made him a saint. Nigerians were better off, in spite the numerous sanctions and embargoes placed on Nigeria, during Abacha’s era.

All of a sudden, in what appears to be a spell on some of us, we lost every sense of our past history. A man who in his name, some innocent people were brutally killed including youth corpers, when he lost the presidential election of 2011. Maybe someone should show me a video clip of him visiting the deceased families.
The blood of those innocent people that were brutally slaughtered are probably not happy with the rest of us, especially the Buharists.
Even former President Goodluck Jonathan is not exempted for not safeguarding the interest of all of us. We forgot to honour the dead and buried them in mass graves to hide the fact of their brutal murder. Flashback to the corper that was crying on the phone with her parents in a Bauchi State Police Station while she was being brutally murdered.
General Buhari left power in 1985 through a coup against his incompetent government and, since then, the man retired to his Daura Village in Katsina State. He was never seen in any seminar, convention or workshop where issues concerning governance were discussed. No wonder he appointed only those he ate tuwo and drank fura and nunu with for years. Nepotism, segregation and other undemocratic vices are playing out in a supposedly democracy.
However, one of his most reported movements across the region, heading towards the South West was only when he led the Miyetti Allah (the Fulani Herdsmen umbrella organisation) as one of the patrons to protest the killing of Fulani herdsmen in Oyo State. And apart from his commitment towards the welfare and growth of Islam and his concern for his Hausa Fulani political hegemony in Nigeria, nobody alive can point out Buhari’s nationalistic activities since he was chased out of power in August 1985.
Yet, we elected him president.
This is a man in charge of all us. With him as the president, we are now officially worse than those living anywhere in the World. Before it was okay to say suffering and smiling but now, Nigerians are suffering and dying without smiling.
Lastly, if you are still supporting Buhari, may your life be as depressed as Nigeria.
Join Team Restructure Nigeria. We must restructure Nigeria so as to get the best from all the regions.
Then Nigeria as an entity will be great, for once.
Nnaji Asiegbu is a political strategist and member of the People’s Democratic Party. He writes from Ohuhu, Umuahia in Abia State.
The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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