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Actress Shirley Emma shares testimony of how she became a ‘vegetable’ but was given a second chance

Shirley Emma
Beautiful Ghanaian actress, Shirley Emma Fatima Tibilla , has taken to Instagram to share a testimony of how she was saved from an ailment that made her become a ‘vegetable’.
According to her, the ailment left her bedridden for a month, as she couldn’t even eat, couldn’t talk, couldn’t even bath herself either.
Dear July 2016. Yes July, That was last year. The month in which God spared me from an ailment that should have killed me and gave me a second chance to live. The devil almost succeeded in taking me out but “Mercy” said NO!!! The picture on the left doesn’t even do enough justice to how I looked. I was bed ridden for a month. Couldn’t eat, couldn’t talk, couldn’t even bath myself. I became a vegetable and I was uselessly helpless. My only option was to feed off Prayer and wait for God to do His thing. The wait was the hardest but today I celebrate God and I celebrate life!! My immune system was completely shut down n anything and everything attached me. Lord I felt every pain that could be felt in my body. One month felt like 10 years UNTIL GOD CAME THROUGH AND COMPLETELY HEALED ME. My recovery was faster than usual and didn’t make sense. That’s how I knew “THAT WAS YOU GOD”
To the few good people who were there for me at that time, God bless u. I will never forget!
If you are reading this from any part of the world, if you are going through any craziness like sickness and disease, financial downtime, emotional breakdown or any sort of affliction, plsssssss don’t give up!! Hold on to God and hold onto prayer. He answers prayer that is backed by faith. Give his words back to Him and watch him perform. He’s the master Deliverer! .
.#prayer #healing #faith #God #prayerworks”
Shirley Emma
Shirley EmmaShirley Emma
Shirley Emma


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