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Timi Frank explodes again, says APC under Oyegun is dead


 Timi Frank explodes again, says APC under Oyegun is dead

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Frank, ​says recent comments credited to the former Vice President Atiku​ ​Abubakar and Senate President Bukola Saraki, over the ​alleged​ ​mismanagement of the party​  has vindicated him.​
According to him, the APC “is dead but not yet bur​ied​ under the current National Chairman.”
Atiku​ had stated that:​ “In the absence of those meetings and elections, their​ ​existing leadership, often under the direction of the Executive at the​ ​state or federal level, fill the void.​ ​That’s not party building but party​ ​bullying. And it’s certainly not a way to democratize parties and​ ​aggregate their members’ opinions, interests and aspirations.”

​Similarly,​ Saraki​ said:​ “I’m happy that some of our leaders are now speaking out
against the lack of internal democracy I have been fighting for all this​ ​while. It is still not too late if others will shun sentiments and see​ ​reasons to quickly rescue APC from the current handlers, who are merchants​ ​and without minds of their own.”
In a statement ​on Sunday, Frank ​hailed the two for speaking against as “undemocratic tendencies of the​ ​National Working Committee led by Chief John Oyegun”​.​

​He ​said ​those tired of developments in APC, are beginning to speak out their minds having waited for two years​ ​without any improvement on the part of the working committee “that is​ ​practically leading the party to destruction​”.​
​However, ​Frank condemned the suspension of APC Chairman in
Bayelsa state by the NWC, saying the party leadership has committed
unforgivable error against the constitution of the party.

“If there are allegations against state party chairman, it is expected of​ ​NWC to set up a panel of enquiry to investigate these allegations and give​ ​the chairman in question a fair hearing and not suspension like in this​ ​case​”​.
“Like I have been saying, Nigerians will now see the excesses of Chief​ ​Oyegun led NWC and how the suppose leaders are creating unnecessary crisis​ ​by taking sides practically in all state chapters of the federation.
The APC chieftain ​noted that now is not the best time for the party to​ ​suspend anybody but time to embark on genuine reconciliation, adding that​ ​“all what Chief Oyegun led NWC has been doing were displaying of impunity​”​.
“One will be forced to ask if Chief Oyegun has two party constitutions
where he uses one for his own favour and the other against his perceived


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