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Army vs IPOB: Ex Gov. Orji Kalu Lead Youths Pro-peace Rally in Abia State

Army vs IPOB: Ex Gov. Orji Kalu Lead Youths Pro-peace Rally in Abia State
Photo from the rally
As Operation Python Dance continue to be enforced by the Nigerian Army in the South East rising from the declaration IPOB as a terrorist group, an ex governor of Abia state has led a peace rally in the area. 
In response to the recent hostilities in the South East, former governor of Abia State and frontline crusader of a united Nigeria, Orji Uzor Kalu, on Saturday, led a group of enthusiastic youths on “Commit to Making Peace Possible” campaign in Abia State.
According to The Sun, participants at the rally were members of Junior Chambers International, JCI, and leaders of other youth organizations.
They wore white and called on all parties involved in the current conflict in the South East to refrain from resorting to physical or verbal violence and maintain respect for law as well as the rights of others.
As part of the activity, Kalu addressed the youths to welcome them in his countryhome and expressed his satisfaction in hosting this year’s JCI annual youth summit.
In addition to demanding that youths should learn how to play positive roles in the society, he shared his personal experiences on how the youth can impact on the society and point the right direction to which the society should follow.
He also called on all Nigerian youths to maximize their potentials and desist from writing or speaking in ways detrimental to the country.
“I am begging all youths, opinion moulders and all other people involved in the recent conflict to stop inciting Nigerian people to hate one another just to achieve their own onjectives.
“Hate speech is what we must reject. Holding different political views is ordinary in any democratic society, but we must not resort to violence to achieve our political objectives,” he said.
Resorting to undemocratic means would bring ruin and shame to our country, he added
The former governor also advised all leaders to respect the rights of other people and warned that people should not use any form of incentive to get others in doing what is harmful to the masses.
He also pleaded with the federal government to use a single standard in order to maintain peace and order in the country, “treating all Nigerians equally under the law,” he said.
Calling on government to uphold the constitution, Kalu applauded President Muhammadu Buhari’s continuous improvement on governance and said they must work in a transparent fashion and remain accountable to the public, obeying court orders and being civil at all times.


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