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Biafra: APGA Condemns Deployment of Soldiers in South East by the FG.


APGA Condemns Deployment of Soldiers in South East by the FG.  
The All Progressive Grand Alliance chairmanship candidate in the forthcoming L. G elections in Nsukka L. G. A of Enugu State Mazi Harry Ugwuanyi has condemned in strong terms the deployment of heavily armed soldiers in South East to quell civil protest which led to the death of many unarmed Igbos in Aba and Port- Harcourt.

Mazi Ugwuanyi made the condemnation while reacting to the rationale behind the deployment of heavily armed soldiers in the peaceful Igboland by the Federal Government. He stressed that the deployment of soldiers and war equipment in the peaceful South Eastern states of Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Imo and Abia is nothing short of a declaration of war against the people of Igbo extraction in Nigeria.  He wondered why such heavily armed soldiers with war equipment should be deployed to quell civil protest by the IPOB members who were exercising their right for self determination. 

"The right for self determination is a fundamental right of the indigenous people guaranteed by the UN Charter and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Therefore, killing those who were exercising this right is the height of callousness and insensitive of the FG" Ugwuanyi says.

He also maintains that the declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organization by the Army and the South Eastern Governors Forum is laughable as that is against the court declaration that IPOB is lawful, peaceful and legitimate organization. "The Army and the South East Governors Forum have demonstrated their poor rationality by declaring IPOB a terrorist organization when a court of competent jurisdiction had declared  it otherwise . This is nothing but to call  a dog bad names just to hang it".

He said that the demand for referendum by the IPOB and the other pro- Biafra agitators was borne out of marginalization of the Igbos by the  FG , and the insensitive of the Igbo leaders to the plights of the Igbo people. "The Igbo leaders have failed. It is very shameful that our governors have declared peaceful IPOB an illegal organization when the 4th most deadly terrorist organizations in the world, Fulani herdsmen,  are allowed to continue to murder our people, rape our women and take over our lands. If peaceful IPOB is a terrorist organization,  what will Fulani herdsmen be? "  Ugwuanyi questions.

He accused the South East governors of romancing the Hausa/Fulanis in detriment of their people. "The Fulani herdsmen are killing our people and raping our women yet,  this so called South East Governors Forum remain adamant, only for them to come up with a declaration that lawful and peaceful IPOB is a terrorist organization. These governors are disgrace to humanity,  and the people should not hesitate to pass a vote of no confidence on them". Ugwuanyi insists.


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