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China Graveyard Where Thousands Of Cars, Bikes Are Scrapped To Cut Emission (Photos)

China Graveyard Where Thousands Of Cars, Bikes Are Scrapped To Cut Emission (Pics)  
China has been cracking down on high-emission transport in an effort to reduce the overwhelming smog in cities, resulting in a vast number of scrapyards and recycling sites containing thousands of abandoned buses, cars and trucks.

Gigantic mounds of transport vehicles that do not meet the minimum emissions standards have formed at landfill sites.

Millions of cars, motorbikes and lorries are being left on the scrap heap in China every year in a bid by the government to cut pollution levels.

In one scrap yard in the city of Hangzhou, an incredible 100,000 vehicles have piled up after being taken off the road because they did not meet the national emissions standard.

These amazing photographs on People's Daily Online show the sheer scale of China’s car graveyards.

From above, the eclectic collection of cars and trucks could almost be mistaken for the pieces of someone’s giant toy set.

Five and a half million cars will be scrapped this year because they are high emission vehicles, contributing £10.8bn to the recycling industry.

A massive 17 million were sold in 2014 alone, making up a quarter of global sales.

In an attempt to slow down car sales, Chinese authorities have cut the number of new vehicles that can be registered on the roads.

Last year the number of new registration plates available in Beijing fell from 240,000 to just 150,000.

It has been said that by 2017, only 90,000 plates will be issued for ordinary cars and the rest to eco-friendly cars.

By 2020, it is estimated that 16 million vehicles will be ready for the scrap heap.

China’s booming car industry means some 154 million cars are now on the country’s congested roads.

Thousands of old transport vehicles that do not meet minimum emissions standards form gigantic mounds.

Motorcycles and scooters fill a scrapyard in Guangzhou where authorities have banned all powered bikes, including electric bicycles

Damaged cars, motor cycles and electric bicycles are seen stacked at a scrapyard in Hangzhou in China


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