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IPOB: The Ingenious Biafra Media And The Logo Of Truth

IPOB, an acronym for the Indigenous People of Biafra, was created by prophet Nnamdi Kanu under the divine direction that Biafra must be restored in truth and in honesty, because Biafra is the long awaited kingdom of God here on earth. The land of Biafra shall only be inhabited by custodians of truth, because it is a sacred land of the Most High and the Supreme creator of the heavens and the earth, Chukwuokikeabiama.

It is therefore cognoscible and imperative to note that Biafra is not just a nation, but a divine mandate through which the lost glory of God to mankind shall be restored forever and in its fullest. Biafra, as we have always maintained, is a divine agenda already stamped and okayed in heaven, which will in no distant time manifest fully on earth. The restoration of Biafra will change Africa and the world at large. The world shall continue to stand amazed at the glaring incredible tidings that Biafra shall bring unto humanity.

The dreaded and renewed movement for Biafra restoration under the umbrella of IPOB, as well as the bravery, adept and supereminent of the  leader and director of Radio Biafra/Television, Prophet Nnamdi Kanu is the largest and best of its kind in the history of freedom fighting, owing to the very fact that it's pillar and foundation is built on nothing else but the truth. Let it be known that IPOB is waxing strong and standing tall, because of her uncompromising and unflinching stance on the truth.

Biafra is the truth, and that affirms to the cogent reason it stands undefeatable. The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has the truth as the greatest weapon  which is being utilised in combating our enemies. IPOB is revealing to the entirety of humanity today, that truth is our logo, our motto and our weapon of warfare.

In line with this, whatsoever IPOB does is strongly anchored on truth, especially her media wings. All Biafra media outlets are overhauled by truth and that is why we report news the way it is, even when it indicts us. We say the truth not minding who it hurts or who it offends, because truth is all we have been mandated to preach and that is exactly who we are.

It is now verily substantiated​ that the known Biafra media outfits which includes the following, The Biafra Herald, Biafra Telegraph, The Times of Biafra, Biafra Television and  Radio Biafra London, are homogeneously built and anchored on the altar and rock of truth, and the truth will continue to prevail no matter how hard one may fight to subdue it. This is the reason IPOB is winning in this media war we are engaging with the deleterious Nigeria media. Their media will keep lying against us, but we will not stop telling the truth about them. Surely time will tell who wins.

The media blackout against the people of Biafra has led to the establishment of our own indigenous media, to enable us tell our story and report to humanity the truth about ourselves. Be rest assured that every information coming from the aforementioned media outfits are genuine and authentic. Biafrans are the only specie of humans who believe in "eziokwu bu ndu" which translation reads; "truth is life". Let it be known that IPOB has come to restore justice and sanctity unto humanity. That is why we say " Egbe bere ka ugo bere, nke si n' ibeya amambe nku kwakwa ya" which translates, "live and let live, whosoever that never wanted others to live will definitely not live too" And another has it that "Onuru ube nwanne agbala oso" meaning "he who hears the cry of a fellow should not run away but come to his or her rescue" and that is the kind of world we want to live.
Biafra media does not  spread nor promote lies, because we are inherently and naturally truthful people. Biafrans are the victims of horrendous legacies of Britain and the rancid Nigeria, hence we have learnt our bitter lessons from the aftermath of lies and deceit.

Our unflinching resolve to restore Biafra is poised​ at it's peak; therefore, Biafra must be restored in truth and in honesty. We (Biafrans) remain the chosen people of the Supreme creator who has vowed in convent to give us Biafra. We do not  lie, because any day we start dwelling on lies, then shall we begin to loose Biafra within a twinkle of an eye, because Biafra is God's own project.

 Biafrans are the practical manifestation of God Almighty on earth, we are made in his image and likeness, and that is the only reason they hate us. IPOB abhors lies to the core because of the devastating damages it has caused and has continued to cause to humanity. We want to live in a world devoid of lies and deceptions. Also in our daily endeavours, we practice this, and our media is geared towards restoring absolute truth unto humanity.

This is therefore a clarion call to the general public and the entirety of humanity, especially conscientious beings and those who care for the truth to stay glued to all Biafra approved and recognized media outlets for impeccable and reliable information.

Written by Nwafor Somtochukwu Aloysius,
For Family Writers.


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