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So unromantic moment Trump shakes Melania's hand at US Air Force event (video)


So unromantic! Awkward moment Trump shakes Melania's hand then ushers her off stage after she introduces him at US Air Force event (video)
First Lady Melania Trump delivered some rare remarks at a US Air Force event on Friday afternoon then introduced her husband to the stage, but the way he reacted to her raised brows, with people considering their interraction "bizarre".
After Melania introduced Donald Trump to the stage at the Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, people were expecting a hug or a kiss on the cheek but he walked towards her and shook her hand in a business-like manner, then mouthed "thank you" before firmly ushering her off the stage, muttering "you go and sit down now" as bemused service men and women look on.

Melania's speech came after she had spent some time at the Maryland base's youth center with some of the children of those serving. When she took to the microphone, she thanked the servicemen and women of the Air Force and commended them on their courage and compassion especially in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

If I did this to my lady I swear on my mama I'd be single by the end of my speech lol

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She said: "In the wake of two devastating hurricanes, the world has witnessed your courage and compassion and you have made every American proud"
She continued: "I know I speak on behalf of myself and my husband when I tell you we are grateful for your service."
Then she introduced Trump, saying: "And know now, it's my great pleasure to introduce my husband. The president of the United States, Donald Trump."
That was when Trump bounded on to the stage, extending his left hand out long before Melania had the chance to offer her cheek for a peck. Some people felt the interraction between them was really awkward for a husband and wife and Melania even looked uncomfortable. Social media users took to Twitter to comment on the awkward moment.
"Ok. This is bizarre even for Trump! He shakes Melania’s hand after intro then gently but obviously pushes her aside," one Twitter user wrote.
"Trump shakes Melania’s hand instead of kissing. Is this enough proof he has lost it?" another said.
Another wrote: "By far the most awkward husband/wife encounter I've ever witnessed was just now when Trump shook Melania's hand at the podium. Hug her, dude!"
A tweet read: "Does Trump disgust Melania? Do you have friends who shake hands with their wives?"
"Melania looks bemused," one person quipped, while another said: "Awkward!? I say we all team and rescue the poor woman!"
During his speech, Trump condemned North Korea 's missile tests and continued his aggressive rhetoric against leader Kim Jong-un.
Watch the video below.


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