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World's oldest person dies in Jamaica

World's oldest person dies in Jamaica at age of 117
Violet Moss Brown, the world's oldest person has died at the age of 117.
The Jamaican, who was born on March 10, 1900, died at the Fairview Medical Centre in Montego Bay, St James at 2:30 p.m. Friday, her son Barry Russell revealed.
She became the world's oldest person on April 15 this year at 117 and 38 days, taking the title from Italian Emma Morano, who was born in 1899.
Violet, who's also known as 'Aunt V' was a mother of six and a great-grandmother several times over.
When asked her secret to long life after her 110th birthday, she told the Jamaican Observer:
'Really and truly, when people ask what me eat and drink to live so long, I say to them that I eat everything, except pork and chicken, and I don't drink rum and them things. You know, sometimes I ask myself, 'Am I really 110 years old?' because I don't feel like 110.'
She added her 'faith in serving God, and believing strongly in the teaching of the bible' were also fundamental to a long and healthy life.
The 117-year-old had been slated to be visited by personnel from The Guinness Book of World Records before she passed away.
Following her death, 117-year-old Nabi Tajima, of Japan, is now the world’s oldest person.


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