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Corruption & Nepotism: Family of IGP's Wife Threatens Senator Misau

Corruption & Nepotism: Family of IGP's Wife Threatens Senator Misau
Senator Isa Hamman Misau

The family of Asta, the wife of the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris has threatened Senator Isa Hamman Misau over allegations by the lawmaker that their daughter got married to the Inspector General of Police secretly after getting pregnant.
The lawmaker representing Bauchi central had on Wednesday alleged that the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, impregnated a serving deputy superintendent of police (DSP), Asta, an act which he says contravenes the police act.
The senator further alleged that Idris married Asta because she was “four months pregnant” for him. Misau also added that the IGP gave the woman special promotion.

“The IG is openly having two relationships with police women which he gave special promotion. One of them is Amina and one of them is DSP Asta which the IG on 15th of last month got married to that woman DSP. Under police act and regulation you cannot marry as serving woman police unless that woman retire,” Misau said.
“He quickly did a secret wedding in Kaduna because the lady is four months pregnant. I am saying this because of the institution – that institution I am supposed to be a stakeholder in that institution. It is the institution that brought me here which I’m proud of.”
However, the family said the wedding was done in public at the Sultan Bello Mosque, Kaduna.
A member of Asta's family, Nasiru Baba Saleh while speaking with DailyTrust on telephone claimed that Misau lied against their daughter and that he must prove the allegations in court.
"Truly, we're seriously angry, because this is a girl that grew up in a responsible way. She got a very good upbringing, and we married her out peacefully. We see no reason why this man will come publicly inside the chamber of the Senate to say the man impregnated her before he married her.

"What is his proof? This issue has gone viral on the social media. Both the mom and dad are crying. What kind of defamation is this? We have evidence. We have the pictures and everything. The Commissioner of Police and DC Operations were there. They all witnessed the wedding. The wedding was done publicly and marriage certificate was issued to them.

IGP Ibrahim Idris
"We'll have to sue him on defamation of character of the girl and the family. We'll do that within the week. We'll file the matter, and we'll go with all the evidence, including invitation cards and everything.
He said Misau must come out to prove the allegation that Asta was married out with pregnancy, saying "or was he the one that impregnated her, or who? He has to prove it.

"Is he trying to say that we gave her out in marriage with pregnancy? What's the position of that in Islam? It is not done in Islam. We just have to take action.

"We have all the evidence that the wedding was not done secretly. It held at the Sultan Bello Mosque, Kaduna where many people attended. The representatives of both families were present. The Commissioner of Police, Kaduna State, his deputy and others were there.

"We won't take the matter lightly. This is an act of defamation of character, and it won't go like that. We'll take him to court for defamation of character. Let him come and prove his allegations in court. We have already briefed our lawyers on this."
It would be recalled that the Senator had previously accused the IGP of enriching himself through the use of special promotions whereby officers are compelled to cough out millions in bribe so as to be given special promotion. He further alleged that the police has not accounted for billions it collects from private companies where officers are posted by the police headquarters.
The allegation forced the police to declare the senator a deserter which he was later cleared by the Police Service Commission.


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