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America's divorce court judge Lynn Toler shades Nigerians on TV


Ouch! America
Judge Lynn Toler, the arbitrator on the court series Divorce Court, shaded Nigerians in an episode of her TV show.
The judge, known for giving counsel and trying to talk sense into outrageous couples on her show made Nigerians the butt of her joke in a particular episode. In a previous episode which aired in February this year but is just receiving attention, the judge handled the case of 59-year-old Alvin Cook and 51-year-old Shannon Miller who met online, texted each other for almost three months, and then moved in with each other without having ever spoken on the phone or seeing each other for once.
Miller uprooted her life from Washington and moved to Chicago, bags in hand to meet Cook who she has never spoken to save for exchanging text messages. Judge Toler was shocked that anyone would make such a dangerous move and she asked Miller why she moved in with a man she didn't know after only three months. She pointed out that he could have been a criminal or anything.
Ouch! America

Miller said she did it because Cook was very honest and "there was constant texting morning, noon, and night, every single day" to which Judge Lynn Taylor gave a reply shading Nigerians.
"You know they got cafe bars full of guys in Nigeria who do the same thing," Judge Taylor replied and her audience burst into laughter.
But Miller said she knew her man wasn't one of those Nigerian men because "they usually ask for money though" and her husband didn't ask for anything all the while they were texting.

Watch the video below. The shade starts from the 2:31 mark.


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