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Enjoy the recipe for crunchy chicken and chips


crunchy chicken and chips 
Chicken and chips is a fast food made healthy; it is nutritious and consists of carbohydrate, fat and oil. It is for both old and young writes Ololade Alabi.
Chicken and chips is a combination of foods mostly consumed in the United Kingdom. It has also become a delicacy for many Nigerians. It is served at parties, pubs and restaurant as an appetizer.
The delicacy consists of a piece of fried, roasted or barbecued chicken and French fries or chips as it is commonly known in the U.K. It is best enjoyed with ketchup or tomato sauce.
This dish is an all-time classic made healthy with a succulent chicken and healthy chips. It is a very fast and easy delicacy to prepare and also very nutritious.
Ingredients for chicken
-Garlic onion
-Ground black pepper
-Garlic salt
-Vegetable oil
How to prepare the chicken
-Put the chicken in a bowl and wash properly with salt to remove sand and germs. -Then mix salt, pepper, onions, garlic and marinate very well.
-Put the chicken on fire and cook until it is soft.
-Then bring down the chicken and put in a sieve to drain the water.
-In a separate bowl, mix with flour.
-Heat the oil in a deep frying
-Put the chicken pieces in the hot oil until well fried.
-Then remove and drain of sieve.
Ingredients for Irish potatoes
-Ice water
-Garlic powder
-Vegetable oil
How to prepare Irish potatoes
– Cut the Arish potatoes into very thin slices, then place in a large bowl; add ice water and salt soak for about 30-35minutes.
– Drain potatoes, place on sieve and pat dry. In a small bowl, combine the garlic powder, celery salt and pepper, Set that aside.
-Fry the Irish potatoes in batches until -It is golden and crispy. Don’t let it get burnt. Stir it frequently.
– Remove with spoon; drain on sieves, serve it hot.
-You can also enjoy your meal by adding salad or leafy greens.
-Enjoy your meal with juice and best enjoyed with ketch-up


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