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Everyday Foods You Didn’t Know Could Give Prostate Cancer

Everyday Foods You Didn’t Know Could Give Prostate Cancer
Generally speaking, nobody likes to be told what to eat or what not to eat, especially when it’s their favourite meal in question.
Prostate cancer is one of the biggest threats to a man’s health and, as much it might hurt, there are some foods that contribute to this dreaded disease that need to be reduced in a man’s diet.

Red Meat Or Processed Meat

Red Meat. Photo credit: comercarne.com
This is indeed a tough one. A high consumption of red meat or processed meat could increase the chances of prostate cancer, especially when the meat is well cooked. This is because of the presence of Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) which are carcinogens found in cooked meat. These HCAs are responsible for a number of cancers and are largely associated with prostate cancer.
Meats like beef, pork, hot dogs, suya and sausages fall under the category and their consumption should be reduced. Lean poultry (chicken or turkey) or fish are a good replacement for red meat.


Dairy products. cheese, milk, sour cream. Photo credit: holisticwellness.ca
A large intake of dairy products could also greatly increase the risk of prostate cancer. This is because taking milk and other dairy products in large quantities can increase cell proliferation in the prostate, which can eventually lead to cancer.
Whole milk, full-fat cheeses, yoghurts and butter are all included in this list. They can be replaced by their low-fat or nonfat versions for healthier living.

Baked Goods

Baked Goods. Photo credit: Ingredients Network
This is also very difficult to avoid but it’s absolutely necessary to cut down the intake of baked goods to prevent prostate cancer. Baked goods have a high concentration of saturated fats which could cause a number of health complications including prostate cancer if taken in large proportions.
The watchword for this list is ‘moderation’. If you cannot avoid them all together, taking these foods in small, regulated portions is the safest bet for any man who wants to live a healthy long life.


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