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How Diezani Madueke Celebrated Her Birthday

Silence troubles Diezani Madueke, the former minister of petroleum. It haunts her and twists her mind’s best strings into strains of discord and a non-melodic chime. She clocked 57 years old some days ago. In the silence, Diezani senses a ghost of impressions of her true worth.
Unlike the past, her birthday was markedly drab and shorn of the congratulatory adverts usually paid for in major newspapers by many of her underlings, business associates and lobbyists perpetually seeking her audience over one favour or the other. Hence when she opened many major newspapers, there were no imposing pictures of her and accompanying well wishes. She didn’t see profuse eulogies describing her as ‘a woman of substance’, ‘a woman of distinction’, ‘the amazon of the Oil Sector’ and many other superfluous plaudits that erstwhile made her day on her previous birthdays.
As she grapples with the sad reality of her fall from grace to grass, Diezani cuts the pitiful portrait of a woman whose days are blighted by betrayal and her nights are chilled by a gale of everlasting nightmares.
Unlike fictional Brutus, the former petroleum minister need not wait for the cock to crow before she experiences the lacerating slash of treachery; some of her business associates and friends whom she helped turn into billionaire oil magnates, brazenly flaunt and flash their deadly daggers stained with her blood, before her very eyes and the full glare of the world.


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