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How To Enjoy The Season: Checkout Some Elegant Food Recipes To Try This Christmas (Photos)

How To Enjoy The Season: Checkout Some Elegant Food Recipes To Try This Christmas (Photos)
If you have been looking for the right recipes to try out in this festive season of Christmas, then these are some you should look into. 
Christmas is here soon! You will agree with me that during this time of the year, there are usually lots and lots of goodies to look forward to especially the food. Time and time again, you will have to ponder on what to prepare for Christmas.
This is because Christmas is usually celebrated in style with presence of friends and loved ones. This why you can’t afford to cook anything boring.
To ease you of the stress, we decided to outline popular simple Nigerian Christmas meal recipes and ideas to make this festive season memorable for family and friends.
These recipes are simply our everyday meals with some additional specials. Here is a list of meal that you can prepare this Christmas. Thank me later.
Nigerian Jollof Rice
Jollof rice is one of the most popular nigerian meals and the nigerian favorite for occasions like christmas. It is easy to prepare especially during rush hour Christmas mornings when you have to prepare everything quickly before guests arrive.
Nigerian Fried Rice
A combination of Jollof rice and Fried rice makes up a colourful christmas. This is an easy Nigerian Christmas dish to make. Just chop up the vegetables, prepare your stock and you are good to go. 
Roasted/fried chicken, fish or peppered snail
Who celebrates xmas without Chicken? You can spice it up by frying fish or snails. Most people actually buy the live chickens like a week before Xmas and groom it till the D-day. It could be fried, roast, barbecued etc. 
This is another exciting dish for this season. The plus about this dish is, it could be served alongside jollof rice or fried rice as a side dish (Typical balanced diet). 
Make the season colorful by making appetizing salads. There are different salads you could choose from ranging from chicken topper salad, coleslaw, vegetable salad, Vegan pasta salad e.t.c. 
Pepper Soup
Pepper soup is usually a good way to enjoy the celebration. It’s usually used to cap up the festive evenings after a long Christmas day. 
You can also decide to spice up the day by preparing some Traditional dishes like:
Pounded yam and Ishapa
pounded yam is one of the Nigerian fufu recipes, made from pounding boiled yam repeatedly. It is common among the Ondo and Ekiti people. Ishapa is a tangy vegetable used to make egusi soup served with pounded yam. It is mostly eaten by the Ondo and Ekiti people. It originated from Zobo (roselle) a woody shrub of the hibiscus species (hibiscus sabdariffa ). The leaves are used as vegetables. Ishapa has lot of health benefits such as Lowers cholesterol, Boosting the immune system (from its high levels of vitamin and antioxidants), Decreases inflammation of the kidneys, Decreases occurrence of urinary tract infections, diuretic properties (helps with water retention) and many more.  You can serve pounded yam with any soup of your choice.
Starch and Banga soup
Starch (Usi) is a popular delicacy in the Southern part of Nigeria especially with people from Delta state. It’s the major type of “swallow” used in eating the popular Banga soup. It’s made from the common starch used in laundry in Nigeria. 
Eba and Edikangikong
Eba is made from cassava flour popularly known as garri. Edikangikong is another traditional meal, eaten by the native of Efiks, Akwa ibom and cross river. It is prepared with a great quantity of pumpkin leave and waterleave. It is nourishing in every sense. Eba and Edikangikong will be just perfect for the day. 
Miyan Taushe
Miyan Taushe is a Pumpkin soup popular among the Hausas in Nigeria. It is prepared with ripe pumpkin meat and enjoyed by both young and old. There are different species of Pumpkin, but the Gourd type is very common in Nigeria, nevertheless, feel free to make use of any species you can get as long as it is ripe. 
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