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Ifeanyi Ubah Is Sponsoring The New PDP To Effect His Threat On PDP- Chinedu Eya

In the early hour of today, Chinedu Eya the national coordinator for WHY IT MUST BE PDP IN 2019(WIMBPDP2019)said that the Ifeanyi Uba's statement is only but a fiction and watery. According to him, every good politician knows that APGA is more of a pressure group than a political party and Ifeanyi Uba as a person is a political whore who is only trying to be relevant in the political arena by Sponsoring the new PDP and presently working for APC due to the charges FG levelled on him. This is because he has seen APC as an umbrella that covers evil men from the sword of the law. After all, Orji Uzor Kalu ran to APC as an umbrella cover after milking Abia state treasury dry and he was absorbed and protected and that has become a safe trick and that is exactly the same thing Ifeanyi Uba is doing.

Unfortunately for him, every enlightened Nigerian knows that Ifeanyi Uba is a criminal who uses evil means to romance with each government in power to amaze more wealth for his third generation to come. His action of sponsoring the new PDP faction to weaken our great party(PDP) is dead on arrival because like an adage goes, "Birds of a feather flock together". Those he is working with under the new PDP are his criminal gang whose interest is to have it by all means. That being the case, no well meaning Nigeria will ever take Ifeanyi Uba and his group of blood sucking vampires serious. Since the likes of Rotimi Amaechi, Orji Uzor Kalu and other crooks are safe in APC it is no doubt that APC has become an Association of past criminals and an escape route for evil men after committing heinous crime against God and humanity. APC has therefore become the new trick for criminals and Ifeanyi Uba is not an exceptional. However, APC and her gang of criminals should know that while they may escape and be free from the sword of the law, they can never escape and be free from the wrath of God unless they repent and run to him as the personal lord and saviour.


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