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Why Bola Tinubu Will Be Ashamed To Join PDP-Chinedu Eya.

Why Bola Tinubu Will Be Ashamed To Join PDP-Chinedu Eya.
The national coordinator for WHY IT MUST BE PDP IN 2019(WIMBPDP2019) Chinedu Eya, has revealed why Tinubu will Be ashamed to Come back to PDP. According to him, Tinubu will be ashamed to come back to PDP because of Pride but i am very much convinced that he is disrespected/unsatisfied with his APC.

Recall that Tinubu's commanding role in 2015 election that brought Buhari and his APC group of looters to power was obvious but recent events in the government of APC left most Nigerians in no doubt as to whether Tinubu is being schemed out of things or not. Below are the excerpts as to how Tinubu has been and is being badly marginalized by the HAUSA'S who erroneously believe they are the owners of Nigeria.

*Points* *By* *Tinubus* *faction* *of* *APC*
1). Asiwaju has been left out and marginalised, he has been somehow taken out of the caucus of the party and its leadership. And we believe it should not be so, having considered the tremendous contributions he made to the success of the APC in the last elections.

2). After the 2015 elections, the leadership of the party should have been able to implement the reason why we emerged, having spent time, money and energy to ensure victory. Unfortunately, when our cause was realised, decisions were taken behind him. As a result of this, those who did not even partake in the struggle are now the beneficiaries. This is the major problem and we feel it is wrong.In case if anyone is if being deceived to believe that the above points are nothing but falsehood.Being aware of the above scenario playing out in APC under Buhari's watch,the wife of the president said clearly that this thing could be settled.
Maybe Mr.President did not realise it, but somebody who is his flesh and bone is now pointing out to him that things are not going right. If the president had not think about it, then somebody has now come out boldly and truthfully to tell him the truth. For the First time someone is speaking out and saying the truth.
The above statements came from APC MEMBERS but Bola Ahmed Tinubu will not see fault in them because he in one part constituted APC.
It's good to be a very good party man but in circumstances like the above I think you should consider how well you spent your past without APC and how disjointed you have spent and is spending it with APC.

It is an undeniable fact that Tinubu have great and transformation loaded ideas before joining APC.Tinubu's ideas and contributions made lagos state a great and the number one state in the country during his regime as the governor of the state and his achievements are still unmatched which means that his intention for the APC Government was better than what it turned out to be.This is a case of bright star instead of getting brighter gets dim by the emergence of cloud.APC is an evil cloud seeking to dim the bright star(Tinubu)whose intention joining APC was to shine brighter.

It is a known and an obvious fact that Tinubu is a father that makes the poor around him rich but his APC Government has become opposite of him as the rich are now poor and the poor are now poorer.It is high time you consider the interest of the Nation over and above the interest of a party that her interest is to ensure the nation's collective woe.It is time for you to say bye to those whose agenda is evil and embrace the people of goodwill in PDP and have your light beam to the peak.It is time for you to make peace with God and mankind again and save your Conscience from torment.It is time to detach yourself from All Promises Cancelled (APC) gang of criminals who milk the nation dry without qualm of Conscience to Power the People(PDP)again and enjoin the bliss that follows.
I will not say much but I want you to consider your age and consciously LEAVE APC SO THAT YOU CAN HAVE PEACE WITH GOD WHEN YOU ARE FACED WITH HIM IN YOUR TIME.

What should matter to you now is to make peace with NIGERIANS and GOD.


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