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Why It Must Be PDP In 2019:It Is Time To Change The Change - Chinedu Eya.(Video)


Red Card for APC has become inevitable at a time like this when Nigeria has become a shamble of herself.Under APC led government the once giant of Africa,once best economy country in Africa seems to have been crippled yet, the clueless and demon possessed APC still pretend about it.

They rule the people of Nigeria with reckless abandon without qualm of Conscience.But it is time to wrestle power from these vampires who suck the masses dry and still masquerade themselves as leaders. It is imperative for Nigerians of all tribes and tongues to take urgent action to dethrone this hoodlums in APC who don't have any idea of what a democratic system of government should look like.This is important because in politics like in the game of football every player is assigned with a role to play which is ultimately to play well,score well and take home the trophy.It is a normal routine in every game that if a player fails to play well he/she is changed and if the one who changed the former in turn fails to change the game by playing well,he/she stands to be changed also.It is no longer news that APC under Buhari administration is nothing but a scam,clueless,sham and dangerous path for all Nigerian as people die of hunger and commit suicide by the day because of hardship caused by this evil government of APC. The government of APC venerate corruption,looting and is affecting characteristically everything in our dear country both the air, water, climate etc.It is time for all well meaning Nigerians to stand up against this evil, barbaric, unjust, blood sucking and tribalistic government by issuing Buhari and his APC government red card and therefore enthrone a democratic system that will care for the citizens of our dear country through PDP.It is time to change the change through PDP and enjoy the dividend of a democratic system of government.

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