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The Color Of Our Urine Can Tell Numerous Things About Our Health!

The Color Of Your Urine Can Tell Numerous Things About Our Health!
Our urine color isn’t something we pay attention to. But, its consistency as well as its color and its smell can tell us a lot about our health. Our urine is composed of potassium, urea, creatinine, dissolved ions, 95% as well as some organic and inorganic compounds.
The color of our urine is the well-known yellow because it contains urobilin. This is a waste product which appears because of the process of breaking down of old red blood cells.

Here is a list with 11 types of colors of urine that can make you aware of any color and its meaning:

It’s great for our body to consume plenty of water because we need to be hydrated. If our urine is colorless, it means we’re overly hydrated. We shouldn’t drink more than 2 liters of water every day. Water can decrease the electrolytes we have in our body and that will in turn cause a kind of chemical imbalance.
Light Yellow
Light yellow means that we’re well hydrated.
This kind of a color of the urine can appear because of proteins, tissues or extra mucus which is broken down. This can also signify a bladder infection.
Medium Yellow
Medium yellow signifies dehydration. You need to start drinking a lot of water right now!
Dark Yellow
This is a sign of serious dehydration. Take a cup of tea or a glass of water immediately! It can also be a side-effect of vitamin B intake.
If your urine is orange, it means you have greater amounts of bilirubin in your body. It remained in your body a by-product of old red blood cells breakdown. It can also appear if a gallstone is causing obstacles in the bile duct. It can show a urinary tract infection or a liver disease. It can also signify that you’ve taken some medicines that you’ve taken against urinary tract infections.
Blood in the urine isn’t a good sign. A pink urine can appear because of beet consumption, but you’d better visit your urologist so that you can be sure that everything is OK.
Darker pink
It’s usually caused by a bladder infection or is a sign for cancer. It’s not only a drop of blood. It can be the appearance of bladder or kidney stones. You need to treat them urgently!
Dark pink
This color is a sign that you have too much blood in the urine. You have probably left it untreated for some time. It can be a sign for cancer, too, so you’d better visit your doctor to perform some tests.
A brown urine can appear because of an antibiotic called metronidazole or an anti-malarial called chloroquine. A kidney disorder or too much exercise can also cause that.
Green or Blue urine
In case you intake foods rich in synthetic dyes, they can cause the green or blue color. Uribel is another cause because it contains a drug by the name of methylene blue. You need to drink plenty of water to dissolve it.
Cloudy – signal of bladder infection
Clear – you are super well hydrated
Medium yellow – you might be dehydrated
Light yellow – you are well hydrated
Orange – dehydration, gallstones, liver disease, some uti medications
Dark yellow – possible dehydration or heavy use of vitamin B supplements
Dark pink – old, clotted blood may be present
Pink – blood in the urine due to infection, bladder cancer, eating to much beets
Blue/green – food dyes, some medications
Brown – eating lots of fava beans or rhubarb, some medications, severe muscle damage


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