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How To send Message If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp


Have you been blocked from whatsapp and still want to send messages to the person who blocked you?Then you are the right place, in this post i would be showing some secrete ways on how to unblock yourself on whatsapp and also how to send messages to someone who blocked you on whatsapp. Before we move on to the talk of the day would you like to know how to create unlimited facebook account without phone number, if yes then stick to to this website for more updates. As we all know know whatsapp is one of the biggest messaging platform, with whatsapp friends and family are able to connect with each other anytime any were, this wonderful chatting platform has made lot of improvement to it database making it possible to make video calls and so many more. It is very easy to send messages even when you are blocked on whatsapp to do this you will need to follow every step i provide in this post, don't get frightened this step are easy to comprehend, so before we move fully to the talk of the day why not check out How to create whatsapp account with Us number.

This trick comes in handy in so many ways, like being in a relationship, in this case when you are in a relationship with your spouse you know well that you can be blocked at any point in time and if you don't know anything about this trick i would be teaching today on how to unblock whatsapp without deleting your account you would be left out and can't be able to convey some message across to them in order to tell them what actually went wrong or what actually was the cause of the problem.

Tough there are many methods to achieve our main aim which is ''If someone block me on whatsapp can i unblock my self'' that why i would be providing you with some methods so all you just have to do is to chose the one that is actually good for you and apply them to get your self unblocked from anyone who blocked you on whatsapp, so below are the steps on to send message to people who blocked you on whatsapp.

How to Know if You’re Blocked On Whatsapp

Unlike other social medias that alerts you when you a been blocked by other users, whatsapp don't notify you when you are being blocked from other contacts. Instead, WhatsApp gives small, subtle clues to users to alert them to the fact that they’ve been blocked by a user on the service. While you may not receive an out-and-out alert, it’s easy to tell that you’ve been blocked when these pieces come together.

How do you know whether you are blocked by someone else or not?

>> Check for the  Following details, if your friends “last seen status” or ” whatsapp status” or “display picture” is not visible to you, then you may be BLOCKED.
>> If you send messages and it shows only one tick sign ( i.e message is been sent but doesn’t delivered) then you may be BLOCKED.

Steps to Unlock Yourself from Someone’s WhatsApp Account

This is one of the stressful ways because it causes you to delete your whatsapp account and which i won't advice any one to do, this method can lead to to the loss of files and important chat so if you really want to use this method then you would have to back up your chats in order to retain your files and document, so follow the step below to unblock your self from a blocked contact.
  1. Open Your WhatsApp Account Messenger
  2. Go to the Setting Option
  3. Click on “Account” Button
  4. Now Simply Click on “Delete my account” option ( don’t worry )
  5. Enter your phone number to delete account.
  6. Now lets UNINSTALL WhatsApp application
  7. Reboot/Restart your device
  8. Go to Google Play Store and Download WhatsApp Messenger App again
  9. Install and enter details to start with
  10. And that it, you have unblocked yourself without notifying anyone.

#Method 1

How to Message Someone Who Blocked You on WhatsApp Without Deleting Account (The Ultimate Method)

I call this method the friendship method, in this method you would need to tell a friend to create a whatsapp group and add you and the person who blocked you, i would advice this friend of yours should be a mutual one. once this group has been created successfully then you can chat with your friend who blocked you, to make it more private you can tell your friend to leave the group then you would have the two of you only in the group making it possible to chat with person that blocked you.

#Method 2

Message Them Offline

I call this method the reconciliation method, in this method all you need to do is message the contact in question offline, now you see why i call it the reconciliation method.
To successfully do this all you need to do is go to you whatsapp and copy out the contact of the person who blocked you and then create a new message offline and send to them, and that all.
Final verdict 
 At this juncture i guess you should be able to deliver messages to who ever blocked you on whatsapp, if method one fails you which would not fail until the person leaves the group you should use method 2 but before he/she leaves the group you must have conveyed you message through, but if you were'nt able to do that before he/she leaves the group then you can use the method 2 and if he/she don't want to listen to you then leave them alone.


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