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What to Do if Exposed to Asbestos


What to Do if You Are Exposed to Asbestos
Prevention is essential, but so many accidental exposures occur every day. Awareness and education can help those exposed already stay on top of any potential health problems and get the medical help they need sooner rather than later.
Have an ongoing dialogue with your doctor. Even if you show no symptoms yet or never experience any, it’s better to explain your past exposure to your doctors and bring it up regularly. Though most primary physicians may not be well-versed in asbestos diseases, they can help monitor your health and make recommendations for any necessary tests, like chest x-rays, to get to the root of any changes in your health.
As mentioned before, monitor your symptoms. Even if you feel like you have a common cold with a lingering cough or tightness in the chest, it’s better to be extra precautions than ignore any health issues. Remember, symptoms of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases may first appear rather mild and generic, and take a long time before they may present.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though many factors in how these diseases may develop are beyond our control, like age and gender, we all can be proactive in taking care of our overall health. Better health can lead to a better prognosis, as those patients are more likely to be able to withstand any aggressive treatments.
Until asbestos is banned and removed, we all must remain proactive in our health and raise awareness to prevent future exposures.


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