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Check Out Where And How The FIFA World Cup Trophy Was Made In Italy (Photos)

Check Out Where And How The FIFA World Cup Trophy Was Made In Italy (Photos)
Once out of the foundry, the brass body of the trophy has to be chiseled by die grinders to remove excess metal. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera
Italy have missed out on the 2018 World Cup - the first time the former winners have missed out in 60 years.
However, in addition to a few referees, there will be another piece of Italy in Russia - the World Cup trophy itself.
In Paderno Dugnano, a little city close to Milan, there is a pink-walled factory. This, in such a low-key area, is where the trophy is made.
The golden original, property of FIFA and rarely exhibited, was designed in 1970 by artist Silvio Gazzaniga, winning the international contest for the new World Cup trophy.
Every four years, a brass copy of the trophy is provided and handed to the football federation of the winning side.
Following this, manual chiseling with hammer and chisels refines and completes the details. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera
The trophy then gets progressively refined by polishing. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera 
The trophy then reaches the galvanic department where it gets the ultrasonic degreasing bath. This first bath is followed by rinsing. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera
This is what the galvanic department looks like during the gilding bath. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera
At the end of the gilding bath, the trophy is carefully washed in distilled water. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera
The World Cup trophy is now complete with its base of malachite green marble.
It is then covered with Zapon varnish to ensure brilliance and preservation. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera 
The trophy is dried and carefully cleaned and checked in detail one last time. Paolo Vezzoli/Al Jazeera
Source: Aljazeera


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