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Young Lady With Incredible Full Beard Like A Man Shares Her Story (Photos)

Young Lady With Incredible Full Beard Like A Man Shares Her Story (Photos) 
Nova speaking on TV during the interview
While speaking in an exclusive interview when she appeared at ITV's This Morning show in the United States, a 26-year-old lady identified as Nova Galaxia, who has grown a full beard after years of feeling ashamed of her facial hair, opened up on embracing her look.
According to Dailymail UK, the lady who has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which causes excess hair, explained how after a decade of shaving her face, she was inspired to finally stop and wear her beard with pride - winning praise from viewers.
Nova disclosed that her 25-year-old model partner, Ash Byrd, had also helped her to find confidence in herself as she cited British model and activist, Harnaam Kaur, as her inspiration to stop shaving.
Young Lady With Incredible Full Beard Like A Man Shares Her Story (Photos)
Nova and her partner
Speaking during the interview with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on Tuesday, Nova recalled of the moment she began to embrace her look.
She said; 'I remember the first time I went out when I stopped shaving it was just a grocery trip. I caught myself being obnoxiously self-conscious about it.
‘It took a while for me to get to the point where I wasn’t hiding. It took a couple of weeks. And then it got normal over time.'
Nova reevaled that at 11-years-old her periods started, but then suddenly stopped a year later and never resumed - which has been attributed to taking birth control pills to regulate her hormones for the PCOS as a teenager.
She began developing noticeable facial hair, which she shaved and was diagnosed with PCOS, at 15 - and kept her condition a secret. Because of her condition, where hormonal imbalances cause a woman to develop cysts on her ovaries and grow excess facial hair, Nova suffered years of bullying about her beard.
'A boy in my class at high school pointed at my face and said I had a better beard than he probably ever would,' Nova recalled in a previous interview.
'By this stage, I was shaving every single day before school. It was getting really thick and I would have a panic if I ever forgot my razor at sleepovers.
'I'd get up early and shave, pretending I was desperate for a shower, but really I couldn't stand to let myself be seen with a beard.
'I confided in my long-term girlfriend at the time, but apart from that, very few people knew. It was my dark secret, because of the pressures from society on women to shave all their hair off and conform. I was worried people would think I was a freak if I let my hair grow out.'
But Nova's life changed after finding the courage to ask Ash, who does not identify as male or female, out on a date in 2012.
Ash Byrd instantly accepted a date with Nova, who made her move after seeing the model in a fashion show. A couple for six years, Ash said of video transcriber Nova: 'I love her beard. It's a part of us as a couple now.
'Yes people do stop and stare at us, watch us walk down the street and ask Nova random questions to determine her gender, but she's never been happier and that makes me proud. I adore her, beard and all.'


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