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Don’t Leave Where You Are, Miyetti Allah Tells Herdsmen

Don’t Leave Where You Are, Miyetti Allah Tells Herdsmen
In its response to the controversial order, the Fulani umbrella group, Miyetti Allah Kauta Hore, asked its members across the country not to leave where they are in the southern part.
The group said that NEF did not consult its leaders before asking cattle rearers to leave the southern part of the country, adding that there was no cogent security report to warrant their returning home.
In a chat with LEADERSHIP night after an emergency meeting by Miyetti Allah, its national secretary, Engr. Sale Alhassan said that cattle rearing is not like “Okada business” (commercial motorcycling) that one can just close down and start leaving where he has been earning his living.

Alhassan said: “We have just finished a meeting with our national president and our patron. This is our position. We condemn those calling on Fulani to return to the North. It’s unwarranted. We have not received any security threat that will warrant our people leaving the South.
“We will hold the governors of Nigeria responsible if anything happen to our members in any part of the country, not only the South East, South -South, South West but including the northern states,” he said.
He added that the leaders of the pastoralists were not consulted before their members were asked to leave the southern part of the country.
 “Is rearing cows Okada business that you just wake up and start leaving? As far as we are concerned, NEF is just working in tandem with former President Olusegun Obasanjo to destabilize the government. We are calling on the inspector-general of police (IGP) to arrest all these people that are causing confusion in the country because our people have not reported any security threat from where they are,” he added.


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