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Man who deflowered me begging to come back - Actress Adekemi Taofeeq


Man who deflowered me begging to come back - Actress Adekemi Taofeeq
Ebony–skinned actress, Adekemi Muyibat Taofeeq is a popular face in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood.

She’s been around for almost a decade and has featured in about a hundred movies including her productions like Afarawe, Iweigbelu,and Ayoka among others. 

In this interview, Adekemi narrates her journey to stardom. Enjoy it.


When did you join the movie industry?

I came into the industry in 2010. I started as a member of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and later joined the Yoruba film sector as a member of Igi Aloye Group. Bose Aregbesola was my boss.


Are your parents in support of your acting career?

You know, mothers are always supportive, so my mom was in support of my acting career from day one. But my dad was not; he said acting is for a lazy person. Today, he is a big fan of mine.


How many movies have you featured in? 

I have lost count of the movies I featured in. I think they are up to a hundred. However, I have produced about 11 movies, all by God’s grace.


To what can you attribute your success as an actor? 

First thing is getting to interpret my roles very well. For this, I get positive feedback from the audience.


Tell us about your background.

I am from Abeokuta, Ogun State. I grew up with both parents. I have four siblings behind me, so I am the eldest in the family. I am a graduate of Business Administration from Lagos State University (LASU).


If wishes were horses, where do you think you should be by now?

All thanks to God for the journey so far. Where I am now is due to someone else’s prayer. I keep growing because God is in control.


Can you ever marry into a polygamous home, like being a second or third wife?

I didn’t come from a polygamous home, so what am I finding there?


What is the most stupid thing you have done for love? 

I have done everything you can tag stupid for love, I swear. I can be mumu for love.


What has acting stolen from you? 

Acting has stolen my life and my privacy.


Every lady’s wish is to marry her first love; do you wish the dream come true for you?

First love? Wow!  I had first love but no sex. But then our relationship was so sweet. He is late now. May his soul continue to rest in peace. I met another guy, the almighty virgin destroyer, after secondary school while writing the SSCE. So, I don’t know who to tag my first love again. The guy I was dating back then in school without sex or the guy that deflowered me, and now wants to come back?


How did you come about the storyline of your movie, Afarawe?

I don’t buy stories. I sit down and write about things happening around me. Afarawepopped up when I noticed some of us are being misled and some of us want to farawe(copy) somebody. I wrote that story because I see our youths abusing drugs all in the name of inspiration. It’s just my own way of passing message to our youths.


What can stop you from acting?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing except giving myself a break to raise my own family, and concentrate more on my business.


Do you believe sex for role exists in the industry?

People are saying it but I am not a victim. If I am not fit for a role, let the producer use those who fit. I don’t have to be in all movies.


What can keep you to a man?

I don’t even know. All I know is that my man won’t praise me to make my head swell. But he can never leave me for another woman. I am sure of that except if we both want to go our separate ways.


Who is Adekemi to her man?

Adekemi is a girl who wakes up in the morning and pray, then clean the house and go to the kitchen to cook for her man. I am a good cook. I patronise local markets, not just the mall for foodstuff. And anytime he wants me in bed, I’m ready! I am independent, and I am very, very stubborn.


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