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OPINION: On National Security And Disintegration Of Nigeria

OPINION: On National Security And Disintegration Of Nigeria
 To what ends has President Muhammadu Buhari admitted his best in tackling insecurity in the country? A salient question giving the gory sights of deaths recorded in the increase on daily bases. If the nation cannot protect the lives of its citizens, it becomes an indication of total breakdown of its laws, and its obligation to the security of the lives of citizens and property of the people by the government. Let this be seen as exigencies of an opinion without picking motives here and there. Nigeria has become divided and segregated, confronted by existential threats by Boko Haram insurgents, Fulani herdsmen and bandits balkanized by religious fundamentalism, we have been polarized by ethnicity, engendering the marginalization of smaller ethnic groups, and poor citizens like slaves fractured by lack of political will.

Lately, giving the advent of the spread of coronavirus pandemic, Nigerians are having ominous signs of bitterness which is unhealthy and scary. To make boast cavorting trouble with the rag fag army is no development, and ruining potential insurgency. Thus, Mr. President's claiming repeatedly that the Armed Forces and other intelligent allied are winning the war against terrorism is not true. While the famed crises predate even many living today, it suddenly escalates at a period citizens were promised peace. Horrid thinking through the records under President Goodluck Johnathan it was as bad if not worse. It is not fare to suppose it has become endemic. While I presume the effect of victorious commentaries is crucial in decimating the enemy, the fact remains that the fight is highly political.

Why preserve the enemy?
Killing a fly with a nuclear bomb is counterproductive, yet we dealt with the cacophony of secession by South East groups swiftly. Unlike the Niger Delta Militants agitation on clear terms, those folks killing Christians and Muslims alike in the north are not ideological, they are criminals and should be wiped off. For how long shall we continue in weary dance at the evil forest?

While I understand that terrorism is a global social problem affecting most nation of the world especially a third world country like Nigeria, and that even the US government has not won the war against it in entirety, not even the glorified Israel. In a situation where government has failed to integrate the nation, instead, ethnicity has taken the role of the order. We should not keep fighting ourselves, such is a war lost already, but should believe in the collective mandate of our cultural identity, our democracy, and encourage the government to keep up the fight by so doing we have a common goal to fight against insecurity. The President must double his efforts and ensure that all Nigerians feel safe everywhere in the nation and anywhere in the world. It is noteworthy that as emotions rise high, so does expected loss of lives whether large or less is gruesome and has provoked condemnation, hate speeches. This is not a justification but full reality of frustration and aggression response, thus, we must rise above the fault lines of ethnic and religious bias. No tribe or religion is immune to these heinous acts and we must never assert any narratives over the other. Politician must stop playing with the lives of innocent Nigerians. This political virus is as evil as the terror itself. Insecurity should now become our collective responsibility. Yes! We all must rise up to challenge it with the faith of hope. History has placed inter-tribal and inter-religious wars malfeasance in Nigeria.

Horrible tale bearers totally obliterate all fact that insecurity kills both Muslims and Christians. Rather than throw blames and comparison, we must never compare deaths in normal cases because we are in abnormal times. While the president is to be blamed for insecurities in Nigeria, so goes every sitting Governors and Local leaders in their respectively states, and traditional rulers also for whether kidnapping, armed robbery, ritual killing, inter-communal clashes, etc. The government will be seen as a failure if its citizens are being sheared down without restraint, so we expect quick and effective interventions. If we do not talk against insecurity and equally show responsibility by voicing out on leaders who aren't doing well to secure the nation, then the coming generation will see through our naivety in hypocrisy. I call on dearest compatriots to rise to the occasion and become the watch dog for justice and peace to reign in our country Nigeria.

Written by Amb. Gospel Edoho John is an academic, nation builder and clergy.


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