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Yul Edochie Stars In New Movie Titled ‘Peter Obi’



Yul Edochie Stars In New Movie Titled ‘Peter Obi’

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has got tongues wagging on social media after he shared the trailer of a new movie titled ‘Peter Obi’ ahead of the February 2023 election.
The star also played the lead role as Peter Obi in the movie.
The movie focues on the lifestyle of Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi.
Yul swapped his deep voice to mimic Obi, as well as using his catchphrase, ‘Go and Verify’.
Some Nigerians commended him while others lashed out at him.
See video and comments below:

obidiya.1 wrote: “Casting with Peter Obi name is ok but that voice is not his please. Edit bfr u release it. Don’t disrespect our President like u did to May. T for thanks”
gennyluv2 wrote: “Using everything to make money. Is that how Peter obi spaek? So in other ways you are indirectly calling him a stingy man. You can’t try that with atiku or the other mpa”
Chudé wrote: “Yul Edochie will not make heaven, he will not make hell, he will remain in Nigeria…Wetin be this?”
VictorIsrael_ wrote: “Each time this video crosses my timeline, I get pissed all over again. What was Yul Edochie thinking when he picked up this role? Bad representation of Margaret Obi. Asaba movie industry have decided to carry their tomfoolery on Peter Obi”
realkingsley wrote: “Wow: Yul Edochie playing/portraying “Peter Obi” in a film Titled, ‘PETER OBI’ absolutely amazing and incredible.”
g_vibes007 wrote: “That voice change is not necessary. It has destroyed the movie and the message already.”
rockcellyfilms wrote: “Odogwu nwoke you killed the role”
justobidatti wrote: “This Yul Edochie you get werey for head oo you con dey act like our principal
@PeterObi An the wey he walk shocked me”
AChijioke wrote: “#PeterObi by Yul Edochie. It does mean that we all want a leader who isn’t wasteful like many politicians. Change of ideas.”
icey_kingblaise wrote: “Nice one.. But the voice wasn’t necessary.. You can pass your message without mimicking.. BTW, that’s not even Peter Obi’s voice! He has a nice and meek voice. This looks like mockery to me”
bubu_jones77 wrote: “Mimicking his voice in this manner is not Kool tho…it’s a movie so you should have been yourself while telling the story…people will still get the message but trying to ridicule his voice that manner is just not Kool…but great story line…”



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