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60-year-old Big Kano Man Marries 11-Year-Old Girl



60-year-old Kano Man Reportedly Marries 11-Year-Old Girl

A 60-year-old man has married an 11-year-old girl in Kano sparking reactions online.
Nigerians took to social media to condemn the man saying little girls should be protected not married off to old men.
While defending his actions, the elderly man said their marriage was borne out of love and mutual consent.

“She is my choice, I married her because we love each other,” Alhaji stated. P
See other reactions below:
@abiola_beeholz – “A grandchild? I thought some organizations are working on these acts?
Too bad this isnt looking like it will end soon cos our leaders are in same boat with these pedophiles.
@kitchen_oracle – “If he was a poor man you will see some of our female celebrities online ranting about this, but when a man is rich women smile and praise his ad decisions.
@Nonsoeze431 – “Una never even see anytin , shey we don’t enter Muslim Muslim Era , so many of them have been looking for way to do dis , they now have a back up , more to come , but make dem no try am reach the East shaa.
@ibowhyte – “The funny thing is that this man will never allow his own daughter to marry this early. You will see him protecting his daughter like anything. Wicked world.
@Monnyx4 – “70% of northern muslims men are paedophile? These is what they enjoy doing, the girls parent should be arrested what sort of nonsense is these ehnn? I don’t know the joy they derived in getting married to a child. Thank God am not a Northern Religion of immorality & Vengeance.”
@ladycamille7 – “Her parents are wicked, everyone around celebrating this nonsense is wicked, the man is a pedophile and he needs to be castrated, this is pure evil.. you can tell she’s so uneasy.
@Ozoadaz – “To dance and drink some alcohol is haram, but pedophilia, stealing of public funds, rigging elections and telling lies are not haram? Make una de deceive una sef.
@Yaaboy6 – In the north we don’t fornicate like you do
In the north we don’t womanize like you do
In the north we don’t rape underage like you do
Bcos our women don’t use to dress seductively
Our mothers were married at 14 to 15 but they enjoyed it the most bcos we become friends to them.
@SabriSenan – “This is not new because it has been there ages as long as Islam and those practicing it are concerned. Even Mohammed married a 9 years old girl. Their religion, their doctrine, their choice.
@Oserume1 – “The irony about this, is that man has his female children in universities, he didn’t marry them off at age 11 years, e no concern us sha.
@its_alpacino – “A Pedophile hiding under the umbrella of religion. If you asked the northern brothers they will tell you religion allows it, they spend millions to go to Mecca but they refuse to follow what other Muslims in the world are doing. The evil that men do will always live with them.”


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